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Beats (18)

Best friends Spanner and Johnno plan to attend an illegal rave held in Scotland during the summer of 1994. But their diva behavior causes friction with Johnno's family who consider his relationship with Spanner a bad influence as they try to keep them apart.

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Sunday 19 May 201912:15pm5:20pm
Monday 20 May 20192:30pm7:00pm9:15pm
Tuesday 21 May 20192:30pm4:45pm9:15pm
Wednesday 22 May 20192:30pm4:45pm7:00pm
Thursday 23 May 20192:30pm7:00pm9:15pm

Amazing Grace (U)

Witness Aretha Franklin as you’ve never seen her before. Experience an electrifying performance in the brand new concert film AMAZING GRACE – only in cinemas this May.

"As a document of an iconic musician's skills, the film is essential. But Amazing Grace is far more than that: Watching it is a transcendent, spine-tingling, uplifting, utterly joyous experience."

Anastasia Tsioulcas - NPR

"A concert documentary lost for decades in technical and legal wranglings but finally brought to the screen with every bead of sweat, every spangle, every soul-squeezing note intact."


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Sunday 19 May 201912:45pm6:00pm8:15pm
Monday 20 May 201912:30pm2:30pm4:45pm9:30pm
Tuesday 21 May 201912:30pm2:30pm4:45pm7:00pm
Wednesday 22 May 201912:30pm2:30pm4:45pm9:30pm
Thursday 23 May 201912:30pm2:30pm4:45pm7:00pm

Dr Strangelove (PG)

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Stanley Kubrick's iconic black comedy about a group of war-eager military men who plan a nuclear apocalypse. Through a series of military and political accidents, two psychotic generals - U.S. Air Force Commander Jack D. Ripper (Sterling Hayden) and Joint Chief of Staff "Buck" Turgidson (George C. Scott) - trigger an ingenious, irrevocable scheme to attack Russia's strategic targets with nuclear bombs. The brains behind the scheme belong to Dr. Strangelove (Peter Sellers), a wheelchair-bound nuclear scientist who has bizarre ideas about man's future. The President is helpless to stop the bombers, as is Captain Mandrake (also played by Sellers), the only man who can stop them...

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Sunday 19 May 20197:45pm
Monday 20 May 201912:15pm
Wednesday 22 May 20199:15pm
Thursday 23 May 201912:15pm

High Life (18)

A group of convicts is duped into joining a difficult space mission in the belief they will be freed if they are successful. But, the authorities have no intention of ever letting them return to earth. They want the inmates to procreate and raise a child in space as part of a larger experiment.

"No matter where she goes - to the furthest reaches of the known universe, or the fringe boundaries of semi-reputable genres - a Claire Denis film is a Claire Denis film. Accept no substitutes."

Charles Bramesco - THE GUARDIAN

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Sunday 19 May 20192:45pm
Monday 20 May 20196:45pm
Tuesday 21 May 20199:00pm
Wednesday 22 May 20196:45pm
Thursday 23 May 20199:00pm

Pick Of The Litter (PG)

PICK OF THE LITTER follows a litter of puppies from the moment they’re born and begin their quest to become guide dogs for the blind. Cameras follow these pups through an intense two-year odyssey as they train to become dogs whose ultimate responsibility is to protect their blind partners from harm. Along the way, these remarkable animals rely on a community of dedicated individuals who train them to do amazing, life-changing things in the service of their human.

Post screening on the 19th of May we'll be joined for a chat with Barry O’Toole, Guide Dog Instructor at The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and behaviourist and dog trainer at Dog Sense London.

"By far the most joyous time you'll have at the movies all year."

Scott Marks - San Diego Reader

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Sunday 19 May 20193:00pm (+ Q&A)
Monday 20 May 20195:00pm
Tuesday 21 May 201912:30pm (BABES IN ARMS)7:15pm
Thursday 23 May 20195:00pm

Eighth Grade (15)

Thirteen-year-old Kayla endures the tidal wave of contemporary suburban adolescence as she navigates her way through the last week of middle school, the end of her thus far disastrous eighth grade year before she begins high school.

"First-time director Bo Burnham's tender take on teen angst, starring an incandescent Elsie Fisher, is a flat-out triumph-a film that is both indelibly of the moment and achingly timeless."

Peter Travers - ROLLING STONE

"Powerful, emotional, funny, smart and empowering, Eighth Grade scores a perfect A."

Jane Crowther - TOTAL FILM

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Wednesday 22 May 201912:15pm

Birds Of Passage (15)

From the filmmakers behind the Oscar-nominated EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT comes their latest epic, BIRDS OF PASSAGE, a tale about indigenous traditions and the corrupting forces of wealth and power, set against the backdrop of the Colombian marijuana boom of the 1970s.

A film of both gangsters and spirits, corruption and fratricidal war, this is a thrilling depiction of the origins of the drug trade told through the story of an indigenous Wayuu family’s downfall when greed, passion and honour collide, putting their lives, culture and ancestral traditions at stake.

"Three viewings in, I'm still flabbergasted by the scope and detail of this movie ... and in awe of the way its unique cover version of a crime-doesn't-pay story totally pays off."


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Friday 24 May 20196:20am (Not Open for Sale)

Rocketman (12A)

ROCKETMAN is an epic musical fantasy about the uncensored human story of Sir Elton John's breakthrough years, starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Richard Madden and Bryce Dallas Howard.

Director: Dexter Fletcher

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Friday 24 May 20197:00am (Not Open for Sale)

2001: A Space Odyssey (U)

Stanley Kubrick’s dazzling, Academy Award®-winning achievement is a compelling drama of man vs. machine, a stunning meld of music and motion. Kubrick (who co-wrote the screenplay with Arthur C. Clarke) first visits our prehistoric ape-ancestry past, then leaps millennia (via one of the most mind-blowing jump cuts ever) into colonized space, and ultimately whisks astronaut Bowman (Keir Dullea) into uncharted space, perhaps even into immortality.

“Open the pod bay doors, HAL.”

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Saturday 25 May 20197:45pm

Icons of Greek music: Theodorakis, Hadjidakis, Xarhakos

This special event will bring together a quintet of musicians and friends from different bands who share the same passion for these 3 'giants' of Greek music.

The audience will listen to beloved melodies from Manos Hadjidakis, Mikis Theodorakis and Stavros Xarhakos who compossed them for different reasons during almost the same decades. Songs that dressed beautiful poems and coloured movies, that were inspired by political situations or talk about love and passion; some of them dynamic, some nostalgic but all of them meaningful.

If you share the same love for these composers, we hope to see you on 26.05.19 at the ArtHouse to join voices and feelings!

Giorgos Tsolakis, voice/guitar

Giorgos Aggelopoulos, bouzouki/baglama

Manolis Taouxis, bouzouki/double bass

Giorgos Kontopanos, voice/piano

Pavlos Carvalho, cello/bouzouki

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Sunday 26 May 20197:45pm (Live Music)

The Isle (15)

1840 and another ship crashes on the rocks of an almost deserted island in Scotland. Three sailors survive the wreck and make it to shore where the few locals take them in as they wait for the mainland boat to come for them. But the sailors' survival story has only just started as they uncover the strange past of the once vibrant island.

"Superbly shot, exquisitely paced and genuinely compelling and surprising - indeed astonishing...The Isle is the kind of cinema that is getting far too rare."

Stephen Fry

"...a taut, slow-burner of a horror piece that lights the senses on fire in all the right ways. Conleth Hill, Alex Hassell and Tori (Butler-Hart) really bring the terror of The Isle to life."

The 405

Cast and crew Q&A following the screening.

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Thursday 30 May 20198:30pm (+ Q&A)

Thunder Road

Writer-director Jim Cummings plays police officer Jim Arnaud in this dramedy. After his mother's death, his small town Midwestern existence begins to unravel. As he goes through a divorce, he strives to establish a connection with his young daughter (Kendal Farr) and to come to terms with his inner rage and despair.

"I have seen humanistic American filmmaking's future, and its name is Jim Cummings."

David Fear - Rolling Stone

Rating TBC

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Friday 31 May 20196:35am (Not Open for Sale)

NT Live: All My Sons (12A)

Broadcast live from The Old Vic in London, Academy Award-winner Sally Field (Steel Magnolias, Brothers & Sisters) and Bill Pullman (The Sinner, Independence Day) star in Arthur Millers blistering drama All My Sons.

America, 1947. Despite hard choices and even harder knocks, Joe and Kate Keller are a success story. They have built a home, raised two sons and established a thriving business.

But nothing lasts forever and their contented lives, already shadowed by the loss of their eldest boy to war, are about to shatter. With the return of a figure from the past, long buried truths are forced to the surface and the price of their American dream is laid bare.

Jeremy Herrin (NT Live: This House) directs the cast, which also includes Jenna Coleman (Victoria), and Colin Morgan (Merlin) alongside Bessie Carter, Oliver Johnstone, Kayla Meikle and Sule Rimi.

Running Time TBC

Rating TBC

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Sunday 2 Jun 20191:00pm (Encore)

RSC LIVE: The Taming Of The Shrew

Baptista Minola is seeking to sell off her son Katherine to the highest bidder. Cue an explosive battle of the sexes in this electrically charged love story.

The RSC turn Shakespeare’s fierce, energetic comedy of gender and materialism on its head to offer a fresh perspective on its portrayal of hierarchy and power, directed by Justin Audibert.

Rating TBC

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Wednesday 5 Jun 20196:45pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

The Modern Jungle (12A)

This summer Border Crossings’ ORIGINS Festival celebrates the world’s First Nations in a two-week explosion of art, performance and debate. ORIGINS creates a unique opportunity to engage with Indigenous artists and activists at the cutting edge of cultural resistance, environmentalism and spiritual tradition.

Working with some of the most significant cultural institutions in London, ORIGINS brings the world's Indigenous artists and cultures to the heart of the capital.

Experience Another Way of Living.


THE MODERN JUNGLE (La Selva Negra) is a portrait of globalization filtered through the  fever dream of its main character – a Mexican shaman, don Juan – who falls under the spell  of a pyramid-scheme-marketed nutritional supplement. Juan’s neighbor Carmen lives  simply, in harmony with the land her martyred husband paid for with his life. This film  documents their struggles and encounters with outside forces: from capitalism and  commodity fetish, to the culture of cinema, and the directors of this film. Five years in the making, THE MODERN JUNGLE is an intimate document of two people and their Zoque culture, yet simultaneously a story about consumerism, modernity and monoculture. 

(Mexico / USA 2016. Dir: Charles Fairbanks & Saul Kak. Spanish with English subtitles. 72mins)

Q&A guests TBC

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Wednesday 12 Jun 20198:30pm (ORIGINS FESTIVAL + Q&A)

The Yukon Assignment (PG)

The Yukon Assignment is a breathtaking exploration of one of the Earth’s last wildernesses and the story of how adventure can sometimes bring us together, irrespective of age.  

Gentle in nature, this is a story of authentic adventure and relationship between son and father. The passing of time and changing relationships we have with our parents and children is fundamental to the human experience. So often in modern life, we make no time to simply experience this, plans are put off, excuses are made, opportunities passed. This film is the antithesis of this lament, inspiring audiences to take action, to seize the opportunity to make time for the important relationships in their life, to embrace the unknown, and to strike out on their own adventures.   The film leaves the audience wanting to call their loved ones, dream big, and dare to believe.

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Sunday 16 Jun 20193:30pm

WI√ĎAYPACHA (Eternity) (12A)

This summer Border Crossings’ ORIGINS Festival celebrates the world’s First Nations in a two-week explosion of art, performance and debate. ORIGINS creates a unique opportunity to engage with Indigenous artists and activists at the cutting edge of cultural resistance, environmentalism and spiritual tradition.

Working with some of the most significant cultural institutions in London, ORIGINS brings the world's Indigenous artists and cultures to the heart of the capital.

Experience Another Way of Living.


WIÑAYPACHA is a deeply emotional experience and features stunning cinematography that must be seen on the big screen. This landmark film has swept awards at festivals around the world. The story of Willka and Phaxsi (Sun and Moon in Aymara) will touch your heart and soul.

Nestled over 5,000 metres above sea level a day’s journey from the nearest town, the modest farmhouse near the peaks of the Andes is the only place Willka and Phaxsi have called home. Elderly but still mobile, the couple tends to their beloved herd of sheep as they live a near-solitary existence of subsistence, with only themselves and their animals for company. As the passage of time and circumstance leave their lives hanging in a fragile balance, the couple yearn for their long-absent son to return home from the city.

(Peru 2017.  Dir Óscar Catacora.  Aymara with English subtitles. 86 mins)

Q&A guests TBC

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Wednesday 19 Jun 20198:20pm (ORIGINS FESTIVAL + Q&A)

Miriam Lies (15)

This award - winning first fiction feature from Natalia Cabral and Oriol Estrada is a coming - of - age story that transports you to the Caribbean with a theme they know well: class conflict in the Dominican Republic. In this conflict whiteness is aligned with higher status, something which mixed race teenager Miriam cannot fail to see, not least in the attitude of her own mother. As Miriam and her friend Jennifer prepare for the their joint 15th birthday party extravaganza, panic sets in when she realises the date she’s met online is in fact black. It’s tragic to witness the corrosive effects on all concerned of this endemic and internalised racism, but Miriam is bound to win your heart in this topical exploration of identity politics.

Part of ¡Viva! Spanish & Latin American Festival 2019 tour, presented by HOME, Manchester, with the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery.

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Saturday 22 Jun 20194:15pm

NT Live: Small Island (12A)

Andrea Levy’s Orange Prize-winning novel Small Island comes to life in an epic new theatre adaptation. Experience the play in cinemas, filmed live on stage as part of National Theatre Live’s 10th birthday.

Small Island embarks on a journey from Jamaica to Britain, through the Second World War to 1948 – the year the HMT Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury. The play follows three intricately connected stories. Hortense yearns for a new life away from rural Jamaica, Gilbert dreams of becoming a lawyer, and Queenie longs to escape her Lincolnshire roots. Hope and humanity meet stubborn reality as the play traces the tangled history of Jamaica and the UK.

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Thursday 27 Jun 20197:00pm (RECORDED)

Yesterday (12A)

Jack Malik is a struggling singer-songwriter in an English seaside town whose dreams of fame are rapidly fading, despite the fierce devotion and support of his childhood best friend, Ellie. After a freak bus accident during a mysterious global blackout, Jack wakes up to discover that The Beatles have never existed. Performing songs by the greatest band in history to a world that has never heard them, Jack becomes on overnight sensation with a little help from his agent.

Director: Danny Boyle

Starring Himesh Patel, Ana de Armas, Lily James, Kate McKinnon & Ed SHeeran!

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Friday 28 Jun 20197:05am (Not Open for Sale)

Glyndebourne: Cinderella (12A)

Original production conceived and directed for the Glyndebourne Tour by Fiona Shaw (Harry Potter, Killing Eve)

Revived and directed for Festival 2019 by Fiona Dunn.

The classic Cinderella story is told with composer Massenet’s sensuous and lavish score.

Glyndebourne favourite and international star Danielle de Niese plays the titular role in this glittering and colourful opera.

Prompt start - Latecomers will not be admitted until interval.

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Sunday 30 Jun 20195:30pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

Crossing Borders with Olcay Bayir

Four artists from Turkey and Greece come together to present a repertoire of songs that are loved from both sides of the Aegean sea. An evening with wonderful melodies that stirred the emotions of both peoples so much, they adapted them each in their own language and made them their own. The wonderful Turkish-Kurdish singer Olcay Bayir , described as “exquisite” by The Guardian and “”enchanting” by Inside World Music, is joined by George Stamatis on vocals and guitar,  Utkan Cagri Kocak on bouzouki and saz, and Pavlos Carvalho on bouzouki and cello. They will perform a rich variety of music including traditional songs from Smyrna as well songs by composers such as Loizos, Hadjidakis and Livaneli.

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Sunday 30 Jun 20198:15pm (LIVE MUSIC)

Glyndebourne: The Barber Of Seville (12A)

Mischief and mayhem run riot in Rossini’s most popular comedy. Figaro, the renowned Barber of Seville, has a cunning that knows no bounds. His playful energy is brought to life in director Annabel Arden’s sparkling and springing production. This is also another chance to catch Danielle de Niese who plays the determined Rosina.

Recorded live in 2016.

"A triumphant celebration of Rossini's musical genius."

The Independent

Prompt start - Latecomers will not be admitted until interval.

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Sunday 14 Jul 20195:30pm (Recorded)

NT Live: The Lehman Trilogy (12A)

The Lehman Trilogy

By Stefano Massini, adapted by Ben Power

Directed by Sam Mendes

The story of a family and a company that changed the world, told in three parts on a single evening.

Academy Award-winner Sam Mendes (Skyfall, The Ferryman) directs Simon Russell Beale, Adam Godley and Ben Miles who play the Lehman Brothers, their sons and grandsons.

On a cold September morning in 1844 a young man from Bavaria stands on a New York dockside. Dreaming of a new life in the new world. He is joined by his two brothers and an American epic begins.

163 years later, the firm they establish – Lehman Brothers – spectacularly collapses into bankruptcy, and triggers the largest financial crisis in history.

This critically acclaimed and five-time Olivier Award nominated play features stunning set design from Es Devlin (NT Live: Hamlet) and will be broadcast live from London’s West End as part of National Theatre Live’s 10th Birthday season.

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Thursday 25 Jul 20197:00pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

RSC LIVE: Measure For Measure

When a young novice nun is compromised by a corrupt official, who offers to save her brother from execution in return for sex, she has no idea where to turn for help. When she threatens to expose him, he tells her that no one would believe her.

Shakespeare wrote this play in the early 1600s, yet it remains astonishingly resonant today. Artistic Director Gregory Doran directs this new production.

Rating TBC

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Wednesday 31 Jul 20196:45pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

Glyndebourne: The Magic Flute (12A)

Mozart’s most magical comedy, The Magic Flute returns to Glyndebourne for the first time in over a decade.

This new production by the renowned directing/design duo Barbe & Douce promises to take a fresh and playful look at the opera's troublesome gender politics.

Leading British bass Brindley Sherratt stars as Sarastro alongside exciting young singers including Caroline Wettergreen, Sofia Fomina and Björn Bürger.

Prompt start - Latecomers will not be admitted until interval.

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Sunday 4 Aug 20195:30pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

NT Live: One Man, Two Guvnors (12A)

Featuring a Tony Award-winning performance from host of the The Late Late Show, James Corden, the hilarious West End and Broadway hit One Man, Two Guvnors returns to cinemas to mark National Theatre Live’s 10th birthday.

Fired from his skiffle band, Francis Henshall becomes minder to Roscoe Crabbe, a small time East End hood, now in Brighton to collect £6,000 from his fiancée’s dad. But Roscoe is really his sister Rachel posing as her own dead brother, who’s been killed by her boyfriend Stanley Stubbers.

Holed up at The Cricketers’ Arms, the permanently ravenous Francis spots the chance of an extra meal ticket and takes a second job with one Stanley Stubbers, who is hiding from the police and waiting to be re-united with Rachel. To prevent discovery, Francis must keep his two guvnors apart.  Simple.

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Saturday 28 Sep 20193:30pm (Recorded)