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The Rider (15)

South Dakota rodeo star Brady Blackburn (Brady Jandreau) awakens from a severe head injury, after a horse stamped on his skull. The doctors tell him he must give up the sport – one that is his passion but also his lifeline – for fear it may kill him. While his sister Lily is mentally disabled and his father drinks, gambles and womanises, Brady is the crutch that supports the family – but without the rodeo, he’s facing a life of misery.

"The Rider, Chloé Zhao’s beautiful second feature, is alive with empathy and devoid of pity or condescension."

A.O Scott - New York Times.

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Wednesday 19 Sep 201812:00pm6:35pm
Thursday 20 Sep 20181:05pm (SUBTITLED)9:00pm

Reinventing Marvin (15)

Reinventing Marvin  tells the true story of Marvin Bijou (rising star Finnegan Oldfield), a young boy from a working-class family in a small village, suffers constant bullying at school and home for being ‘different’ – too sensitive and too feminine. A chance encounter with a drama teacher opens the doors to a world that offers him the chance to escape his situation.

Following Marvin into his mid-twenties as a theatre student in Paris, Fontaine presents a richly layered tale about identity building and transformation. With an exquisite cameo from Isabelle Huppert and great performances from the reliably excellent Vincent Macaigne and Charles Berling, Reinventing Marvin packs a powerful punch.

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Wednesday 19 Sep 201812:10pm5:40pm
Thursday 20 Sep 201812:10pm8:25pm

Lucky (15)

A 90-year-old atheist has outlived and out-smoked his contemporaries, and as he comes to terms with his own mortality, he searches for ever-elusive enlightenment. Lucky is a bittersweet meditation on mortality, punctuating the career of beloved character actor Harry Dean Stanton.


John Carroll Lynch

Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch, Ron Livingston, Ed Begley Jr., Tom Skerritt

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Tuesday 18 Sep 20188:55pm
Wednesday 19 Sep 20182:20pm8:55pm
Thursday 20 Sep 20183:40pm6:00pm
Friday 21 Sep 20182:25pm
Saturday 22 Sep 20182:25pm
Sunday 23 Sep 20182:25pm
Monday 24 Sep 201812:35pm
Tuesday 25 Sep 20181:20pm
Thursday 27 Sep 20182:45pm

BlacKkKlansman (15)

From visionary filmmaker Spike Lee comes the incredible true story of an American hero.

It’s the early 1970s, a time of great social upheaval as the struggle for civil rights rages on. Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) becomes the first African-American detective on the Colorado Springs Police Department, but his arrival is greeted with skepticism and open hostility by the department’s rank and file. Undaunted, Stallworth resolves to make a name for himself and a difference in his community. He bravely sets out on a dangerous mission: infiltrate and expose the Ku Klux Klan.

Posing as a racist extremist, Stallworth contacts the group and soon finds himself invited into its inner circle. He even cultivates a relationship with the Klan’s Grand Wizard, David Duke (Topher Grace), who praises Ron’s commitment to the advancement of White America. With the undercover investigation growing ever more complex, Stallworth’s colleague, Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver), poses as Ron in face-to-face meetings with members of hate group, gaining insider’s knowledge of a deadly plot. Together, Stallworth and Zimmerman team up to take down the organization whose real aim is to sanitize its violent rhetoric to appeal to the mainstream.

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Wednesday 19 Sep 20182:45pm
Thursday 20 Sep 20182:45pm

Cold War (15)

Paweł Pawlikowski follows his Oscar-winning Ida with the stunning Cold War, an epic romance set against the backdrop of Europe after World War II.

Shot in luminous black and white, it’s a wistful and dreamlike journey through a divided continent – and a heartbreaking portrait of ill-fated love.

"A mysterious, musically glorious and visually ravishing film"

Peter Bradshaw

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Tuesday 18 Sep 20188:20pm
Wednesday 19 Sep 20184:25pm8:20pm
Thursday 20 Sep 20186:15pm
Friday 21 Sep 201812:20pm6:40pm
Saturday 22 Sep 201812:20pm6:40pm
Sunday 23 Sep 201812:20pm6:40pm
Tuesday 25 Sep 20188:00pm
Wednesday 26 Sep 20185:50pm

Matangi/Maya/M.I.A. (18)

Drawn from a never-before-seen cache of personal footage spanning decades, this is an intimate portrait of the Sri Lankan born Londoner, artist and musician who continues to shatter conventions.

Drawn from a cache of personal video recordings from the past 22 years, director Steve Loveridge’s Sundance award-winning MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A. is a startlingly personal profile of the critically acclaimed artist, chronicling her remarkable journey from refugee immigrant to pop star.

She began as Matangi. Daughter of the founder of Sri Lanka’s armed Tamil resistance, she hid from the government in the face of a vicious and bloody civil war.

When her family fled to the UK, she became Maya, a precocious and creative immigrant teenager in London.

Finally, the world met her as M.I.A. when she emerged on the global stage, having created a mashup, cut-and-paste identity that pulled from every corner of her journey along the way; a sonic sketchbook that blended Tamil politics, art school punk, hip-hop beats and the unwavering, ultra-confident voice of a burgeoning multicultural youth.

Never one to compromise on her vision, Maya kept her camera rolling throughout. MATANGI / MAYA / M.I.A. provides unparalleled, intimate access to the artist in her battles with the music industry and mainstream media as her success and fame explodes, becoming one of the most recognizable, outspoken and provocative voices in music today.

"This is not a normal pop documentary because M.I.A. is not a normal popstar"

The Atlantic

"An intimate look at identity... invigorating,

eye-opening, alarming"

First Showing

"Fascinating and frank"


Total Film

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Friday 21 Sep 201812:15pm2:35pm4:50pm7:00pm9:15pm
Saturday 22 Sep 201812:15pm2:35pm4:50pm7:00pm9:15pm
Sunday 23 Sep 201812:15pm2:35pm4:50pm7:00pm9:15pm
Monday 24 Sep 20181:00pm3:30pm6:00pm8:25pm
Tuesday 25 Sep 20181:00pm (Babes In Arms)3:30pm6:00pm8:25pm
Wednesday 26 Sep 20183:30pm6:00pm8:25pm
Thursday 27 Sep 20181:00pm (Subtitled)3:30pm6:00pm8:25pm

Faces Places (12A)

Marking a long-awaited return to filmmaking in the year of her 90th birthday, Face Places sees iconic filmmaker Agnès Varda forging an unexpected collaboration with photographer JR as they embark on a road trip like no other.

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Friday 21 Sep 20184:30pm8:50pm
Saturday 22 Sep 20184:30pm8:50pm
Sunday 23 Sep 20184:30pm8:50pm
Monday 24 Sep 20183:00pm5:10pm
Tuesday 25 Sep 20183:35pm5:50pm
Wednesday 26 Sep 20183:35pm8:00pm
Thursday 27 Sep 201812:30pm5:00pm

The Big Lebowski 20th Anniversary (18)

The Big Lebowski is back on the big screen this September to celebrate its 20th Anniversary.

Directed by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, this hilariously twisted comedy-thriller stars Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Julianne Moore and John Tuturro. Join the “Dude” and his bowling buddies on their journey that blends unforgettable characters, kidnapping, a case of mistaken identity and White Russians. Enter the visually unique and entertaining world from the creative minds of the Coen brothers and remember: the Dude abides.

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Monday 24 Sep 20187:20pm

NT Live: King Lear (12A)

Shakespeare’s tender, violent, moving and shocking play, King Lear sees two ageing fathers – one a King, one his courtier – reject the children who truly love them. This screening of Chichester Festival Theatre’s 2017 production stars Ian McKellen in the role of Lear, his intimate, intricate and conversational performance hailed as a triumph. The play received five-star reviews for its sell-out run and afterwards transferred to the West End for 100 performances only. This contemporary retelling of the great tragedy is directed by Jonathan Munby. Also starring are Sinéad Cusack as Kent and Kirsty Bushell as Regan. Not to be missed.

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Thursday 27 Sep 20187:30pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)
Sunday 14 Oct 20183:30pm (ENCORE)

Skate Kitchen (TBC)

In the first narrative feature from The Wolfpack director Crystal Moselle, Camille, an introverted teenage skateboarder (newcomer Rachelle Vinberg) from Long Island, meets and befriends an all-girl, New York City-based skateboarding crew called Skate Kitchen. She falls in with the in-crowd, has a falling-out with her mother, and falls for a mysterious skateboarder guy (Jaden Smith), but a relationship with him proves to be trickier to navigate than a kickflip.







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Friday 28 Sep 20186:55am (Not Open for Sale)

Beneath The Clocktower (12A)

On every high street, up and down the country, thousands of independent traders face a daily battle for survival. No more so than in the fabled London ‘village’ of Crouch End, where each passing year sees another business disappear and the fight for independence is fiercer than ever. Beneath The Clocktower is a documentary by award-winning filmmaker Harvey Marcus which explores the world of Crouch End’s longest serving small businesses, and the big characters behind them. This is not an action movie but it is a warm, politically relevant and often funny documentary about struggle, survival and success.

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Saturday 29 Sep 20183:20pm (+ Intro)
Monday 1 Oct 201812:20pm (Not Open for Sale)
Saturday 6 Oct 20184:00pm

Oscar Wilde Season Live: The Importance Of Being Earnest (12A)

A new production of one of the funniest plays in English, Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, will be broadcast live to cinemas from the Vaudeville Theatre in London’s West End. Wilde’s much-loved masterpiece throws love, logic and language into the air to make one of theatre’s most dazzling firework displays.

Jack, Algy, Gwendolyn and Cecily discover how unsmooth runs the course of true love, while Lady Bracknell keeps a baleful eye on the mayhem of manners. This is the fourth and final play from the Oscar Wilde Season, a year-long celebration of the brilliant Victorian playwright being staged by the Classic Spring Theatre Company.

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Tuesday 9 Oct 20187:15pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

First Man (12A)

On the heels of their six-time Academy Award®-winning smash, La La Land, Oscar®-winning director Damien Chazelle and star Ryan Gosling reteam for Universal Pictures’ First Man, the riveting story of NASA’s mission to land a man on the moon, focusing on Neil Armstrong and the years 1961-1969.

A visceral, first-person account, based on the book by James R. Hansen, the movie will explore the sacrifices and the cost—on Armstrong and on the nation—of one of the most dangerous missions in history. Written by Academy Award® winner Josh Singer (Spotlight), the drama is produced by Wyck Godfrey & Marty Bowen (The Twilight Saga, The Fault in Our Stars) through their Temple Hill Entertainment banner, alongside Chazelle and Gosling.

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Friday 12 Oct 20186:25am (Not Open for Sale)

Peggy Seeger In Conversation + Carry Greenham Home Screening (12A)



+ Signing

Part of the season:  Still Marching...100 Years of Women’s Protest In Film

Legendary singer, activist and raconteur Peggy Seeger talks live on stage about her extraordinary life and music, including her protest song Carry Greenham Home – accompanied by a rare screening of Beeban Kidron's documentary film of the same name.

There’s only one Peggy Seeger and at 83 she is definitely Still Marching...                            

With a performing career spanning more than 55 years - she is, as she says herself, "seasoned and in my prime". In conversation with music writer Jane Cornwell, Peggy talks about her visits to the Greenham Common peace camp in the early 1980s, how her activism fires her music, the sexual politics of traditional songs, and riotous adventures on the road – and even treats the audience to a few pertinent songs a capella.

Carry Greenham Home (1983, UK, Beeban Kidron, 69 mins)

Before the In Conversation, we will be screening Carry Greenham Home, directed by Beeban Kidron (Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit) while she was a student at the National Film and Television School. Shot almost entirely on video by DoP Amanda Richardson and Kidron, it gives a vivid portrait of the famous 1980’s women’s peace camp, established at RAF Greenham Common in Wiltshire to protest the presence of nuclear warheads. Kidron lived at the site for more than seven months and captured both the everyday monotony and mud of the camp and more dramatic events like 12th December 1982 when 30,000 women surrounded the US army base at Greenham Common, in non-violent protest – and of course, sang songs.

After the In Conversation, Peggy Seeger will be signing CDs and copies of her bestseller First Time Ever: A Memoir. It was the Guardian’s #1 Music Book of 2017 and the paperback edition was published on 6 September 2018.

‘Peggy Seeger’s life is the stuff of a rip-roaring blockbuster. An illuminating, witty, revelatory and unflinchingly candid account, presented in vivid vignettes’  Mojo Magazine

Peggy Seeger is a native North American and the sister of Pete Seeger (great-grandfather of the USA folk revival), Peggy is the inspiration for one of the most beautiful songs of all time - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face  - written by her partner of 35 years and figurehead of the UK folk revival, Ewan Macoll. She is a multi-instrumentalist, a supreme interpreter of traditional songs and has written hundreds of songs: about drugs, war and peace, hormones, being “mature”, politicians, unions, love, “farting as a weapon against smokers”, deep ecology - and about domestic violence, wronged women and courageous women. Gonna Be an Engineer has become a feminist anthem and amongst her 24 solo recordings is a compilation entitled Period Pieces: Women’s Songs for Men and Women.

Jane Cornwell is an Australian-born, London-based writer. An experienced music, arts, culture and travel journalist, she is the jazz critic, and a world music critic, for the London Evening Standard and writes for major newspapers and online platforms in the UK and Australia. She is also a compere at WOMAD, a contributing editor of Songlines magazine and author of The Whirl, about her adventures in love, travel and music.

My battlefield is the concert stage, the lecture hall...” (Peggy Seeger)

"Seeger's greatest asset is her uncanny ability to dissolve the gap between artist and audience." (The Irish Times)

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Tuesday 16 Oct 20186:30pm (Discussion + Screening)

Live Event Set Up

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Sunday 21 Oct 20185:55pm (Not Open for Sale)
Sunday 11 Nov 20182:10pm (Not Open for Sale)
Sunday 16 Dec 20185:55pm (Not Open for Sale)

Muses of the Mediterranean: Katerina Clambaneva

Muses of the Mediterranean: Katerina Clambaneva

George Stamatis-guitar

Theodoris Ziarkas-double bass

Pavlos Carvalho-cello/bouzouki

SOFIA VEMBO, “The Voice of Greece”

“Where there is one Greek, there is Greece!”

A legendary woman, singer and actress that was adored by an entire nation and its diaspora! She became known for her passionate love songs and dramatic roles in theatre and film and was hailed as the ‘Voice of Greece’ when she used her music to support the troops during World War II against the Italians. This evening will attempt to encapsulate a power house of a personality through song.

A Personal Note.

Katerina’s warm, velvety voice has been gracing London venues over the last 10 years. In September 2017 she was the first to perform at the Art House with her Hadjidakis project and it is very much thanks to the success of this that we have continued our relationship with the Arthouse and they are hosting our new series. Her concerts are unique because, although the focus is always on the songs, the music is framed by text, which she narrates, about the particular artist’s life (in this case Sofia Vembo) giving a beautiful insight into the their life and thoughts.

Katerina Clambaneva is a greatly sought after Greek singer based in London. She has achieved great success as one of the founding members of the group Pakaw over the last ten years and the Josquin Singers of B.A.C.H. Cities she has performed in include Athens, San Francisco, Oakland, London, Isle of Wight, Ixtapa Mexico, Brussels Belgium, Istanbul, Luxembourg, Mytilini Greece. Her show dedicated to Hadjidakis, created together with pianist Anastasios Sarakatsanos has proved to be one of the most popular in recent years and most recently sold out in two consecutive showings at the Art house, London. Career highlights as a vocalist include the dance production of Rebetiko with Yannis Adoniou’s KUNST-STOFF and music by Minos Matsas, with shows in Berlin and San Francisco and the film score for the Spanish film De Tu Ventana a la mia directed by Paula Ortiz with music composed by Avshalom Caspi. As well as continuing with the Hadjidakis concerts Katerina is currently presenting,in different venues across London, both Vembo and Music in Greek Cinema.

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Sunday 21 Oct 20187:30pm (LIVE MUSIC)

Funny Girl (TBC)

Following its record-breaking, sell-out run in London’s West End and national tour, the critically-acclaimed musical Funny Girl beams to the Arthouse screen via the magic of satelitte, starring Sheridan Smith in an unforgettable star turn.

Funny Girl is semi-biographical, based on the life and career of Broadway star, film actress and comedienne Fanny Brice (a role made famous by Barbara Streisand on Broadway and in the 1968 film adaptation), and her stormy relationship with entrepreneur and gambler Nick Arnstein.

Praised by critics as having “irresistible charm, wit and warmth” (Metro), and hailing Sheridan Smith as “the greatest star by far” (The Daily Telegraph), Funny Girl features a host of iconic and timeless musical numbers including “People,” “I’m the Greatest Star,” and “Don’t Rain On My Parade.”

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Wednesday 24 Oct 20186:00pm

NT Live: Allelujah! (12A)

Filmed live at London’s Bridge Theatre during its limited run, don’t miss Alan Bennett'srousing chorus line for the NHS’ (Observer) in your local cinema.

The Beth, an old fashioned cradle-to-grave hospital serving a town on the edge of the Pennines, is threatened with closure as part of an efficiency drive. A documentary crew, eager to capture its fight for survival, follows the daily struggle to find beds on the Dusty Springfield Geriatric Ward, and the triumphs of the old people’s choir.

Alan Bennett’s celebrated plays include The History Boys, The Lady in the Van and The Madness of George III, all of which were also seen on film. Allelujah! is his tenth collaboration with award-winning director Nicholas Hytner.

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Sunday 4 Nov 20187:00pm (Recorded)

The Man From Mo'Wax (15)

The Man From Mo'Wax is the energetic and phenomenal journey, charting the life and career of DJ icon, music producer and global trip hop mogul, James Lavelle, his pioneering record label Mo’Wax and his phenomenal rise to fame with the genre defining UNKLE album, Psyence Fiction.

The Man From Mo'Wax gives audiences a remarkable ‘behind the curtain’ look at the music industry and a rare opportunity to experience never before seen personal archive and exclusive home videos from both James Lavelle & DJ Shadow (one of UNKLE's many collaborators).

After the screening we are delighted to be joined by the Man From Mo'Wax himself, James Lavelle. Also joining us for the Q&A will be the creators of the film Matthew Jones and M J McMahon.

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Saturday 10 Nov 20187:00pm (Q&A)

Prince Achmed + Live Soundtrack (PG)

The film will be screened with a live soundtrack.

THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED is the oldest surviving animated feature film. For three years, 1923 to 1926 - German director Lottie Reiniger and just a few other animators used cutouts and lightboxes painstakingly to produce a dreamlike silhouette-based look that works perfectly with the film's fairytale 1001 Nights storytelling. The result is wildly inventive and enormous fun.

Watch out for: a magical, mechanical flying horse, a cameo by Aladdin himself and a thrilling, eye-boggling, climactic shape-shifting battle between a witch and a villainous wizard!

Sam Enthoven and Arkadiusz Potyka bring electronic sound to silent cinema. Ark plays synths, bass and other noise machines; Sam plays found sounds and a unique instrument from the dawn of electronic music – the theremin. Live, from minimal elements (and no laptops) they conjure up a richly atmospheric soundworld, helping audiences to find new life and meaning in some of the world's finest old films.

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Sunday 11 Nov 20183:45pm

ROH Live: La Bayadere (12A)

Natalia Makarova's production of this 19th century classic ballet brings an exotic world of temple dancers and noble warriors to life.

Marius Petipa’s fantasy, set in legendary India, tells the tale of a temple dancer and the prince who loves her but marries another. The famous, moonlit ‘white act’ – The Kingdom of the Shades – is a corps de ballet highlight, as multiple images of the prince’s lost love haunt his mind. The choreography allows two opposing ballerinas to shine, while a bronze idol comes vividly to life in a stunning solo. Throughout, the melody and moods of Minkus’s music perfectly match the fluidity and precision of the classical choreography and the drama of the storytelling.

Running Time: 3Hours 5mins!

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Tuesday 13 Nov 20187:20pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

NT Live: The Madness Of George III (12A)

Written by one of Britain’s best-loved playwrights Alan Bennett (The History Boys, The Lady in the Van), this epic play was also adapted into a BAFTA Award-winning film following its premiere on stage in 1991.

The cast of this new production includes Olivier Award-winners Mark Gatiss (Sherlock, Wolf Hall, NT Live Coriolanus) in the title role, and Adrian Scarborough (Gavin and Stacey, Upstairs Downstairs, After the Dance).

It’s 1786 and King George III is the most powerful man in the world. But his behaviour is becoming increasingly erratic as he succumbs to fits of lunacy. With the King’s mind unravelling at a dramatic pace, ambitious politicians and the scheming Prince of Wales threaten to undermine the power of the Crown, and expose the fine line between a King and a man.

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Tuesday 20 Nov 20187:00pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

November Nonsense (15)

Mark Watson and Impatient Productions host a night of incredible comedy and variety talent!

GUEST MC the award winning MICHAEL LEGGE introduces this months wangers.

EDINBURGH COMEDY AWARD WINNER (NEWCOMER)  and Chortle Award Winner SOFIE HAGEN as seen on her own Comedy Central Show 'Sofie Hagen's Sex Stories', 'Live From The Comedy Store', 'Russell Howard's Stand Up Central', 'The One Show', 'Live From The BBC' and many more and as heard on " The Guilty Feminist', 'The Now Show', 'The Museum of Curiosity' and 'Woman's Hour'

★★★★★  “Hilarious...clever, touching and funny" "The Mirror

★★★★★ “Hagen is hilarious" "The Skinny

★★★★1/2 “Consistently funny...this is certainly the show of a winner" Chortle

★★★★“Incredibly funny" The Herald

Plus BBC New Comedy Award finalist and runner up of the Irish Comedian of the Year 2017 CATHERINE BOHART

★★★★ "Packed full of laughs" The Herald

★★★★ "Confident...quickfire gags and the ability to make you well up a bit" The List

★★★★ "Hilarious...truly special" Edinburgh Festival Magazine

And our incredible headliner this month is multi award winner LUCY PORTER as seen on 'Have I Got News For You',  'QI' , 'The News Quiz', 'Room 101', 'The New Armando Iannucci Show', 'Clive Anderson's Chat Room', 'Comedy Cuts' and many more!

★★★★★ "A must see" Comedy Corner

★★★★★  "Utterly charming Porter is a frighteningly gifted comic" The Sunday Times

★★★★★ "Porter is one of the most talented comics on the circuit. Brilliantly crafted jokes. This is get happy comedy at its very best" Time Out

★★★★★ "It's impossible not to be won over" The Reviews Hub

Line ups may be subject to change. Late comers may have to wait for an interval to be admitted.

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Thursday 22 Nov 20187:30pm (DOORS 7:30PM) (Not Open for Sale)

Muses of the Mediterranean: Marina Deligianni

Muses of the Mediterranean: Marina Deligianni

Maria Tsirodimitri-guitar

Pavlos Carvalho-cello/bouzouki

Thodoris Ziarkas-double bass


Haris Alexiou (born 27-12-1950 in “Thiva”), appeared in the Greek music scene in the early ’70s. Her charismatic voice, combined with a unique way of performing and a strong scenic presence, very soon led her to the top. Today she remains there,  always seeking new ways of expression and always giving prestige and value to the contemporary light and popular Greek music. She has worked with the most important Greek songwriters and musicians....Mikroutsikos, Kaldaras, Spanos, Loizos, Hadjidakis, Dalaras, Galani to name but a few. Over her illustrious career she  has performed in the greatest musical theaters in all five continents and has received several important awards. She has had over thirty of her own albums recorded, has participated in albums of other artists, either renowned or young and promising, being always open to new ways in music.  She is a living legend and it is with pride and humility that we will be honouring her in our own way this evening with a tribute to her life through music.

A Personal Note.

Marina needs no introduction to London audiences. Over the last 6 years she has become one of the most well known and loved personalities of the Greek music scene and has brought with her the living, breathing Greek tradition of female voices. Her voice has been compared to great singers such as Glykeria but for us she stands alone and unique, needing no comparison. Her passion and intensity moves us, the musicians, and the audience in a way that few people can.

Marina Deligianni was born and raised in Greece. Studied contemporary singing and harmony at Ethniko Odeio Athinon and has been working professionally along side great Greek musicians over the last 15 years such Mario, Dimitris Livanos, Vaggelis Liolios, Kyriakos Gouventas, Solon Lekkas. She lives and works in London the last five years, she is the leading female singer of Plastikes Karekles and one of the co-founders of the Rebetiko Carnival festival and charity.

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Sunday 25 Nov 20187:30pm (LIVE MUSIC)

ROH Live: The Nutcracker 2018

A Christmas treat for the whole family and a classic with a special place in the hearts of ballet fans around the world.

The Nutcracker has long been one of the most delightful ways to discover the enchantment of ballet – and makes for a delicious seasonal treat for all the family.

Tchaikovsky’s much-loved music is matched to a magical adventure on Christmas Eve for Clara and her Nutcracker doll. Their journey to the Land of Sweets brings with it some of the most familiar of all ballet moments, such as the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Waltz of the Flowers. Peter Wright’s production for The Royal Ballet keeps true to the spirit of this Russian ballet classic, with period details and dancing snowflakes. The many solo roles and ensembles put the world-class skills of the Company to the fore in this Christmas classic.

Approximate running time: 2 hours 30 minutes, including one interval.

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Monday 3 Dec 20187:20pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

NT Live: Anthony & Cleopatra (12A)

Broadcast live from the National Theatre, Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo play Shakespeare’s famous fated couple in his great tragedy of politics, passion and power.

Caesar and his assassins are dead. General Mark Antony now rules alongside his fellow defenders of Rome. But at the fringes of a war-torn empire the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra and Mark Antony have fallen fiercely in love. In a tragic fight between devotion and duty, obsession becomes a catalyst for war.

Director Simon Godwin returns to National Theatre Live screens with this hotly anticipated production, following broadcasts of Twelfth Night, Man and Superman and The Beaux’ Stratagem.

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Thursday 6 Dec 20187:00pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

Muses of the Mediterranean: Isidora Bouziouri

Muses of the Mediterranean, Isidora Bouziouri

Musicians tbc


It is very hard to speak in past tense about a figure “who engraved deep inside us the names of the gods of abjection and byzantine decadence with her voice's dagger” (Manos Hadjidakis). She reflects the ground breaking historic moments of contemporary Greece that marked her short life; the Catastrophe of Smyrna, her growing up in one of the core refugee neighbourhoods of Athens, World War II, The Civil War, the reconstruction of post-war Greece and the transformation of Greek Society. She sings her life, her heart and her pain out; her sincere, almost pervasive singing makes her recordings sound like she's then an there when you listen to them. “With her singing, she illustrates the woman of urban, grass-root society of her time” (Yorgos Papadakis) and transforms the way of singing, marking the technique of the next generations of female singers until today.

A Personal Note.

We are grateful and excited to have Isidora as a part of this series. She is returning to London after a powerhouse performance for the Rebetiko Carnival, June 2018. In the final concert of the festival, dedicated to “Women of Rebetiko” she performed certain songs of Marika Ninou to rapturous enthusiasm and applause from the public. She is a passionate and magnetic singer who clearly lives every word that she sings and she seemed the only possible choice for this particular tribute to one of Greece’s most iconic singers.

Isidora Bouziouri is an Edinburgh-based Greek singer and actress. She was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She studied Music & Theatre in Athens and in New York. She has experienced Greek folk music from a very early stage and she has performed as a singer in weddings, feasts and taverns across Greece for over 10 years. She has performed as a Jazz & Blues singer and she is keen on blending all these influences together. She has also been in numerous theatre-performances in Greece, Scotland and beyond and she keeps a passionate interest for Ancient Drama.

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Sunday 16 Dec 20187:30pm (LIVE MUSIC)

NT Live: I'm Not Running (12A)

I’m Not Running is an explosive new play by David Hare, premiering at the National Theatre and broadcast live to cinemas.

Pauline Gibson has spent her life as a doctor, the inspiring leader of a local health campaign. When she crosses paths with her old boyfriend, a stalwart loyalist in Labour Party politics, she’s faced with an agonising decision.

What’s involved in sacrificing your private life and your piece of mind for somethingmore than a single issue? Does she dare?

Hare was recently described by The Washington Post as ‘the premiere political dramatist writing in English’. His other work includes Pravdaand Skylight, broadcast by National Theatre Live in 2014.

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Thursday 31 Jan 20197:00pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)