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Wind River (15)

'Chilling thriller that follows a rookie FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) who teams up with a local game tracker with deep community ties and a haunted past (Jeremy Renner) to investigate the murder of a local girl on a remote Native American Reservation, in the hopes of solving her mysterious death.

"Wind River packs an elemental power that knocks you for a loop." ROLLING STONE

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Friday 29 Sep 20174:35pm (Not Open for Sale)
Saturday 30 Sep 20174:35pm (Not Open for Sale)
Sunday 1 Oct 20174:15pm (Not Open for Sale)
Wednesday 4 Oct 20179:00pm (Not Open for Sale)

The Villainess (18)

Cross those fabulous 1970s female-driven Japanese exploitation thrillers with a dash of Luc Besson’s Nikita and the chop’n’slice of a Tarantino film and you’ve got this rollercoaster ride of Korean action and mayhem.

Kim Ok-vin leads the charge – literally, in the film’s bravura opening sequence – as an assassin out to avenge those who wronged her.

This is serious, ass-kicking fun.

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Monday 25 Sep 20178:40pm
Wednesday 27 Sep 20173:30pm
Thursday 28 Sep 20178:40pm

Borg Vs. Mcenroe (15)

1980. Björn Borg (Sverrir Gudnason) is the number one ranked tennis player in the world, dominating the sport both on and off the court. A powerful and rigorously disciplined player, there is only one obstacle in his pursuit of a record-breaking fifth Wimbledon championship; the highly talented but ferociously abrasive young American, John McEnroe (a perfectly cast Shia LaBeouf).

With three days until the tournament begins, Borg trains religiously in his lavish Monaco home, aided by his coach and mentor Lennart (Stellan Skarsgård) and girlfriend Mariana. But McEnroe's explosive confidence and wrecking ball persona continue to infiltrate Borg's ice-cool and normally unshakable temperament. With each man the antithesis of the other, both players delve into their formative memories as the climactic tournament draws near and anticipation reaches fever pitch.

Visceral and breathlessly tense, the match itself - regarded as one of the greatest of all time - would mark the pinnacle of the ‘Fire and Ice’ rivalry between Borg and McEnroe; an exhilarating battle of personalities that set the world of tennis alight.

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Monday 25 Sep 20174:10pm6:20pm
Tuesday 26 Sep 20174:30pm8:50pm
Wednesday 27 Sep 20174:20pm6:15pm
Thursday 28 Sep 20174:10pm6:20pm
Friday 29 Sep 20174:20pm (Not Open for Sale)
Saturday 30 Sep 20174:20pm (Not Open for Sale)
Sunday 1 Oct 20175:35pm (Not Open for Sale)
Monday 2 Oct 20174:20pm (Not Open for Sale)
Tuesday 3 Oct 20178:50pm (Not Open for Sale)
Wednesday 4 Oct 20174:20pm (Not Open for Sale)
Thursday 5 Oct 20174:20pm (Not Open for Sale)

Victoria and Abdul (PG)

The extraordinary true story of an unexpected friendship in the later years of Queen Victoria’s (Academy Award winner Judi Dench) remarkable rule. When Abdul Karim (Ali Fazal), a young clerk, travels from India to participate in the Queen’s Golden Jubilee, he is surprised to find favor with the Queen herself.

Stars Judi Dench, Ali Fazal, Eddie Izzard, Tim Pigott-Smith (in his last film role), and Adeel Akhtar.

Directed by Stephen Frears and written by Lee Hall.

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Monday 25 Sep 20176:35pm
Tuesday 26 Sep 20178:30pm
Wednesday 27 Sep 20171:50pm (Subtitled)
Thursday 28 Sep 20176:35pm

Live Event Set Up

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Wednesday 27 Sep 20176:30pm (Not Open for Sale)
Sunday 22 Oct 20175:25pm (Not Open for Sale)

MANOS Hadjidakis; the man, the music (Unrated)

Katerina Clambaneva, voice

Anastasis Sarakatsanos, piano

Guest artist, Pavlos Carvalho, cello, bouzouki

Revealing the profound, at time prophetic, musings of this cherished Greek composer and exploring the range of his music, beyond his most famous achievement Never on Sunday.

“Το πρόσωπο του τέρατος και ο φόβος μήπως το συνηθίσουμε”

“The face of the monster, and the fear we might grow accustomed to it…”

A collaboration between Anastasis Sarakatsanos and Katerina Clambaneva and an exciting venture into the vast ergography of this cherished composer. An evening of music where Anastasis and Katerina explore a selection of his musical works as well as some extracts from his texts taken from his publications and radio commentaries.

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Sunday 22 Oct 20177:00pm (LIVE MUSIC)

Mother! (18)

A couple's relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence.

From filmmaker Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream), mother! stars Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer in this riveting psychological thriller about love, devotion and sacrifice.'

"Darren Aronofsky’s toweringly outrageous film leaves no gob unsmacked. It is an event-movie detonation, a

phantasmagorical horror and black-comic nightmare that jams the narcosis needle right into your abdomen."

Peter Bradshaw

The Guardian

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Monday 25 Sep 20173:45pm9:00pm
Tuesday 26 Sep 20174:00pm
Wednesday 27 Sep 20178:40pm
Thursday 28 Sep 20173:45pm9:00pm

EOS: Canaletto and the Art of Venice

Exhibition on Screen Season 5.

From one of the world’s largest art collections comes the

remarkable story of Canaletto and the city he shared with

millions through his art.

With exclusive access to the highly anticipated exhibition at

the Queen’s Gallery, the film opens the doors of London’s

Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle and takes cinema audiences through the squares and canals of Venice that

Canaletto immortalised through his art. Including expert

commentary and insights from curators of the Royal

Collection, the film also reveals the intriguing story of how

his works came to hold pride of place in the Queen’s own

Picture Gallery.

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Tuesday 26 Sep 20177:00pm

Daphne (15)

Daphne is a young woman negotiating the tricky business of modern life. Caught in the daily rush of her restaurant job and a nightlife kaleidoscope of new faces, she is witty, funny, the life of the party - too busy to realise that deep down she is not happy.

When she saves the life of a shopkeeper stabbed in a failed robbery, the impenetrable armour she wears to protect herself begins to crack, and Daphne is forced to confront the inevitability of a much-needed change in her life.


Peter Mackie Burns


Emily Beecham, Geraldine James, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Nathaniel Martello-White

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Friday 29 Sep 20176:45pm (Not Open for Sale)8:50pm (Not Open for Sale)
Saturday 30 Sep 20172:15pm (Not Open for Sale)6:45pm (Not Open for Sale)8:50pm (Not Open for Sale)
Sunday 1 Oct 20171:00pm (Not Open for Sale)3:20pm (Not Open for Sale)8:00pm (Not Open for Sale)
Monday 2 Oct 20176:45pm (Not Open for Sale)8:50pm (Not Open for Sale)
Tuesday 3 Oct 20174:40pm (Not Open for Sale)6:45pm (Not Open for Sale)
Wednesday 4 Oct 20176:45pm (Not Open for Sale)8:50pm (Not Open for Sale)
Thursday 5 Oct 20176:45pm (Not Open for Sale)8:50pm (Not Open for Sale)

Pecking Order (PG)

For a historic club in Christchurch, New Zealand, competitive poultry pageantry is not only a hobby – it’s an obsession. The 148-year-old Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club is home to members from all ages and although they are brought together by the love of their feathered friends, there are troubles at the heart of their organisation.

Watch the feathers fly in the lead up to the New Zealand National Show, as they battle tradition, and each other, in their quest for glory. Following the club through a tumultuous year of power-struggles, vicious rivalries and heated debates,

Pecking Order is a heart-warming and hilarious look at their unique world.

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Friday 29 Sep 20177:00pm (Not Open for Sale)
Saturday 30 Sep 20172:25pm (Not Open for Sale)7:00pm (Not Open for Sale)
Sunday 1 Oct 201712:00pm (Not Open for Sale)6:40pm (Not Open for Sale)
Tuesday 3 Oct 20173:00pm (Not Open for Sale)
Wednesday 4 Oct 20177:00pm (Not Open for Sale)
Thursday 5 Oct 20174:40pm (Not Open for Sale)

Zoology (15)

Writer-director Ivan I. Tverdovsky's prize-winning sophomore feature (Special Prize of the Jury at Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Best Picture at Fantastic Fest) deftly mixes the deadpan humour of Aki Kaurismäki with a poignant examination of social issues including loneliness and aging.

Natasha is a middle-aged admin employee at a zoo where her female co-workers take pleasure in making fun of her. She lives with her God-fearing mother and leads a dull existence without prospects, until one day she grows a tail. Medical examinations follow where she meets Peter, a young radiologist and her dreary life is turned upside down.

Described as Kafka meets Cronenberg (Hollywood Reporter) Tverdovsky s film is a beautifully photographed portrait of Eastern Europe that recalls the recent New Romanian Cinema and features a brave and brilliant central performance from Natalya Pavlenkova.

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Friday 29 Sep 20179:00pm (Not Open for Sale)
Saturday 30 Sep 20179:00pm (Not Open for Sale)
Sunday 1 Oct 20172:05pm (Not Open for Sale)8:40pm (Not Open for Sale)
Tuesday 3 Oct 20175:05pm (Not Open for Sale)
Wednesday 4 Oct 20174:45pm (Not Open for Sale)


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Sunday 1 Oct 201710:00am (Not Open for Sale)

ROH LIVE: La Bohème (2017) (12A)

Sung in Italian with English subtitles

When Rodolfo, a penniless poet, meets Mimì, a seamstress, they fall instantly in love. But their happiness is threatened when Rodolfo learns that Mimì is gravely ill.

Acclaimed director Richard Jones (Boris Godunov, Il trittico) directs a new production of Puccini’s La bohème. Irresistible in its witty, passionate blend of comedy and tragedy, the opera focusses on the lives of a group of young artists as they eke out an existence on the bohemian fringes of Paris, the capital of the 19th century. Jones brings his characteristically acute insight to this much-loved classic, visualized in Stewart Laing’s spectacular, stylized 1850s setting.

Puccini’s romantic depiction of bohemian Paris, with memorable music and a love story drawn from everyday life, has captivated audiences around the world, making La bohème one of the best-loved of all operas. It was first performed in Covent Garden in 1897 and has had more than five hundred performances there since.

Directed by Richard Jones

Starring Nicole Car, Michael Fabiano, Mariusz Kwiecien

Conductor Antonio Pappano

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Tuesday 3 Oct 20177:15pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

NTLive: Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch (12A)

Academy Award® nominee Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC’s Sherlock, The Imitation Game, and Frankenstein at the National Theatre) takes on the title role of Shakespeare’s great tragedy.

Directed by Lyndsey Turner (Posh, Chimerica) and produced by Sonia Friedman Productions, National Theatre Live will broadcast this eagerly awaited production live to cinemas.

As a country arms itself for war, a family tears itself apart. Forced to avenge his father’s death but paralysed by the task ahead, Hamlet rages against the impossibility of his predicament, threatening both his sanity and the security of the state.

On December 13th following the 12.30 Encore there will be a Q&A with -

Matt Steer - Rosencrantz

Leo Bill- Horatio

Dan Parr - Barnardo

Jen Tait - Dep. Stage Manager on NT Live production

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Thursday 5 Oct 20177:00pm (ENCORE)

Blade Runner 2049 (15)

Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K, unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos.

K’s discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard, a former LAPD blade runner who has been missing for 30 years.

Directed by

Denis Villeneuve


Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Jared Leto, Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, & Sylvia Hoeks

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Friday 6 Oct 20172:40pm5:50pm8:30pm
Saturday 7 Oct 20172:40pm5:50pm8:30pm
Sunday 8 Oct 20171:40pm4:45pm8:00pm
Monday 9 Oct 20172:40pm5:50pm8:30pm
Tuesday 10 Oct 20172:40pm5:50pm8:30pm
Wednesday 11 Oct 20172:30pm5:50pm9:10pm
Thursday 12 Oct 20172:40pm5:50pm8:30pm

The Story of the Green Line (TBC)

After the screening there will be a live Q&A with the film's director, Panicos Chrysanthou

A story of the “Green Line” of Nicosia, where a wall made-up of barrels and barbed wire divides a town; and a country. Kypros, a Greek-Cypriot soldier discovers that Murat, a soldier from the opposing side, is actually living in his own family home. Just like Kypros, he too is a refugee. War has forced both of them to dislocate; Kypros from the north to the south and Murat from the south to the north. When Murat goes back to his village on leave, he returns bringing him a present from his home, a family photograph, and he proposes that the two men take a secret trip, each on the “other side”. Kypros, who wants to see his sweetheart, a Turkish-Cypriot girl he left behind, accepts without considering the consequences.

Directed by

Panicos Chrysanthou

Greek, Turkish and some German/English language with ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Ο Κύπρος, ένας Ελληνοκύπριος στρατιώτης, που στέλλεται να υπηρετήσει στην «πράσινη γραμμή» της Λευκωσίας, ανακαλύπτει ότι ένας από τους απέναντι στρατιώτες, ο Μουράτ, μένει στο σπίτι του. Ο πόλεμος ανάγκασε και τους δυο να μετακινηθούν – τον Κύπρο από το βορρά στο νότο και τον Μουράτ από το νότο στο βορρά. Όταν ο Μουράτ πάει με άδεια στο χωριό, φέρνει στον Κύπρο ένα δώρο από το σπίτι του, μιαν οικογενειακή φωτογραφία, η οποία ξυπνά τα φαντάσματά του. Μέσα είναι ο σκοτωμένος του πατέρας και η κοπέλλα που αγαπούσε. Όταν ο Μουράτ του προτείνει να κάμουν από ένα κρυφό ταξίδι ο καθένας στην «άλλη πλευρά», ο Κύπρος δέχεται χωρίς να σκεφτεί τις συνέπειες.

Bu bir ara bölge hikayesidir. Kypros, Lefkoşa’nın yeşil hattında görev yapmak üzere gönderilen ve karşı tarafın askerlerinden olan Murat’ın kendi evinde yaşadığını öğrenen bir Kıbrıslı Rum askerdir. Savaş ikisini de göç etmeye zorlamıştır – Kypros kuzeyden güneye, Murat ise güneyden kuzeye göç etmiştir. Murat izin gününde ziyaret ettiği köyünden dönerken Kypros’a evinden bir armağan getirir, bir aile fotoğrafı, bu kendi içindeki hayaletleri de uyandırmıştır. Fotoğrafta öldürülen babası ve sevdiği kız vardır. Murat ‘diğer tarafa’ gizli bir gezi gerçekleştirmelerini önerdiğinde ise, Kypros sonuçlarını düşünmeden bu teklifi kabul eder.

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Sunday 8 Oct 20175:00pm (+ LIVE Q&A)

RSC LIVE: Coriolanus

Broadcast live from RSC.

A full-throttle war play that revels in the sweat of the battlefield, Coriolanus transports us back to the emergence of the republic of Rome.

Caius Martius Coriolanus is a fearless soldier but a reluctant leader. His ambitious mother attempts to carve him a path to political power, but he struggles to change his nature and do what is required to achieve greatness. In this new city state struggling to find its feet, where the gap between rich and poor is widening every day, Coriolanus must decide who he really is and where his allegiances lie.

Rome Season Director, Angus Jackson, completes the Royal Shakespeare Company’s collection of Shakespeare’s Roman plays with a visceral production which sees Sope Dirisu (One Night in Miami, Donmar Warehouse, 2016) take on the title role.

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Wednesday 11 Oct 20177:00pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

School Life + Live Q&A (PG)

Special preview screening followed by exclusive director and producer Q&A.

This observational documentary follows a year in the lives of two inspirational teachers in the only primary-age boarding school in Ireland. Headfort, a school not unlike Hogwarts with its 18th century buildings, secret doors and magical woodlands, has been home to John and Amanda Leyden for 46 years and a backdrop to their extraordinary careers.  

A DELIGHTFUL CROWD-PLEASER. An irresistibly admiring portrait.”– Neil Young, Hollywood Reporter

FINDS POETRY IN THE RAW NATURE OF EDUCATION. The most adorable documentary that Frederick Wiseman never made.”– David Ehrlich, Indiewire

It’s not hard to be moved. A gentle but keen-eyed documentary”- Guy Lodge, Variety

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Sunday 15 Oct 20175:20pm

ROH LIVE: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (12A)

Live Ballet broadcast via satellite from the ROH

At a garden party on a sunny afternoon, Alice is surprised to see her parents’ friend Lewis Carroll transform into a white rabbit. When she follows him down a rabbit hole events become curiouser and curiouser... As Alice journeys through Wonderland, she encounters countless strange creatures. She’s swept off her feet by the charming Knave of Hearts, who’s on the run for stealing the tarts. Confusion piles upon confusion. Then Alice wakes with a start. Was it all a daydream?

Christopher Wheeldon’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland burst onto the stage in 2011 in an explosion of colour, stage magic and inventive, sophisticated choreography. Joby Talbot’s score combines contemporary soundworlds with sweeping melodies that gesture to ballet scores of the 19th century. Bob Crowley’s wildly imaginative, eye-popping designs draw on everything from puppetry to projections to make Wonderland wonderfully real.

Choreography by Christopher Wheeldon

Music by Joby Talbot

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Monday 23 Oct 20177:15pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

The Craft (15)

Special Halloween screening.

Tickets only £5

After killing her mother in childbirth, growing up in San Francisco with her father and stepmother, attempting suicide, and moving to Los Angeles, Sarah (Robin Tunney) makes a brief stab at popularity at her new Catholic high school. Ostracized due to the untrue kiss-and-tell tales of football player Chris (Skeet Ulrich), Sarah reluctantly befriends a trio of self-styled outsiders: the horribly scarred Bonnie (Neve Campbell), the trailer-trash Nancy (Fairuza Balk), and Rochelle (Rachel True), a frequent victim of anti-black prejudice at the hands of Laura Lizzie (former Marcia Brady and future Mrs. Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor).

After exhibiting latent telekenitic powers in front of Bonnie, Sarah learns that her three new friends have chosen her as their "fourth corner," the final member of their supernatural coven. Using tools stolen from a local incense-and-candle-filled boutique for practitioners of magic, the quartet summons the power of Manon, a primitive deity, to exact revenge on their tormentors and transform their lives. Drunk with power, they watch their spells get out of control, and the new coven soon realizes that with magic, "whatever you give comes back three-fold." This mid-'90s horror flick scored first place at the box office its opening weekend despite its then-unknown cast and modest budget. TV star Neve Campbell, who didn't even receive top billing, would go on to become the '90s answer to '70s horror queen Jamie Lee Curtis in the Scream franchise.

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Sunday 29 Oct 20178:45pm

NT LIVE: Follies (12A)

Stephen Sondheim’s legendary musical is staged for the first time at the National Theatre and broadcast live to cinemas.

New York, 1971. There’s a party on the stage of the Weismann Theatre. Tomorrow the iconic building will be demolished. Thirty years after their final performance, the Follies girls gather to have a few drinks, sing a few songs and lie about themselves.

Tracie Bennett, Janie Dee and Imelda Staunton play the magnificent Follies in this dazzling new production. Featuring a cast of 37 and an orchestra of 21, it’s directed by Dominic Cooke (The Comedy of Errors).

Winner of Academy, Tony, Grammy and Olivier awards, Sondheim’s previous work includes A Little Night Music, Sweeney Todd and Sunday in the Park with George.

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Thursday 16 Nov 20177:00pm (Live Via Satellite)
Thursday 30 Nov 20178:00pm (Encore)

EOS: David Hockney at the Royal Academy of Arts

Exhibition on Screen Season 5 presents David Hockney at the Royal Academy of Arts: A Bigger Picture 2012 & 82 Portraits and One Still Life 2016.

Widely considered Britain’s most popular artist, David

Hockney is a global sensation with exhibitions in London,

New York, Paris and beyond, attracting millions of visitors


Now entering his 9th decade, Hockney shows absolutely no

evidence of slowing down or losing his trademark boldness. Featuring intimate and in-depth interviews with Hockney,

this revealing film focuses on two blockbuster exhibitions

held in 2012 and 2016 at the Royal Academy of Art in


Director Phil Grabsky secured privileged access to craft this

cinematic celebration of a 21st century master of creativity.

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Tuesday 21 Nov 20177:00pm

GFEST - Resolve to Relate (TBC)

GFEST – Gaywise FESTival 2017 Feature + short: “Resolve to Relate”

Ballroom Boys Short docu-drama (UK /France) dir: Michael Stylianou / 13 mins

Tensions arise as Lemington from the US and Nejc from Slovenia train for the European Same Sex Ballroom Dancing Championships in Blackpool. Will their relationship survive?

Fire Song Feature drama (Canada) dir: Adam Garnet Jones / 85 mins UK/London Premiere Starring: Andrew Martin

A debut feature film, premiered at Toronto Film Festival. Shane, a gay teenager from the Canadian First Nation Anishinaabe who lives in Northern Ontario, is struggling to support his family in the aftermath of his sister’s suicide. Shane was supposed to move to the city for university, and he has been trying to convince his secret boyfriend to come with him, but now everything is uncertain. He pushes through barrier after barrier, determined to take care of his mom and earn money for school. But when circumstances take a turn for the worse and Shane has to choose between his family and his future, what will he do?

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Wednesday 22 Nov 20178:15pm

GFEST - Finding their Narratives

GFEST – Gaywise FESTival 2017: An evening of LGBTQ shorts (1): “Finding their Narratives”

We could be parents Short film (Sweden, English subtitles) dir, writer: Björn Elgerd, producer, co-director: David Färdmar (GFEST 2011, 2014 filmmaker) /14 mins Starring: Bjorn Elgerd

Erik's boyfriend Marely has left him. Erik tries to get him back by making this movie to explain that the only reason he offered himself for paid sex so that they could afford to become parents one day. Trailer:

Smalltown Boy Short doc film (UK) dir: Moby Longinotto /13 mins A GFEST 2008 film – 10th anniversary special

David has never felt at home in his small town in the countryside. The locals in his rural home refuse to accept him. As a 15 year old gay boy he is always been shunned, bullied and rejected. But now David plans to show everyone in the village that he's proud of who he is.

Chained Short doc film (USA) dir: Betsy Kalin /14 mins A GFEST 2011 film – 10th anniversary special

From Victorian pocket watches to Zoot Suit style to motorcycle necessity, wallet chains have evolved over the years to become more than a trend in lesbian culture.

Dusk Short film (UK) dir: Jake Graf (GFEST 2014, 2016 filmmaker) / 15 mins Starring: Mark Brent, Victoria Emslie, Elaine Hallam

Growing up in 1950s England in an intolerant and uninformed world, young Chris Winters struggles to fit into the gender roles dictated by wider society. Chris meets dream woman Julie, and life lightens a little, but the growing feeling that theirs is a life half lived haunts Chris. Chris is finally struck by the realisation that for some decisions there is no right answer, and that it's those that truly define us. Trailer:

Finding Home Short doc film (UK) dir: Veronica McKenzie camera: Fahmida Islam editor: Julia Fecchio / 32 mins  UK Premiere.

Agnes Bognar, Ignacho (Nacho) Diaz Vazquez, Nathaniel Oyinloye, Richard Muhenda, Juliet Nangobi and Stephen Ofwono talk about “Finding Home” - the stories of LGBT Asylum seekers and Migrants from Uganda, Hungary and Spain, who under difficult circumstances came to the UK, and triumphed in building new lives.

Including a filmmakers Q&A

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Thursday 23 Nov 20176:15pm

GFEST - Discovering Ourselves

GFEST – Gaywise FESTival 2017: An evening of LGBTQ shorts “Discovering Ourselves”

Ce que je pense Short film (France, English subtitles) dir: Kevin Capelle and Thomas Devouge / 4 mins UK/London Premiere Starring: Kevin Capelle

The film is based upon Guy de Maupassant’s short story “Solitude”: are we eternally alone, and are all our efforts, all our actions directed toward escaping the solitude?

Shadow Plant Short film (UK) dir: Jonathan Reid-Edwards, writer: George Taylor /8 mins UK/ London Premiere Starring: Rob Ostlere, George Taylor, Lizzie Stanton

A man's unstoppable career in high finance is threatened by a secret he hoped would never be discovered.

Home for Golden Gays Short doc film (Denmark) dir: Nola Grace Gaardmand / 13 mins A GFEST 2011 film – 10th anniversary special

Manila, Philippines: On a quiet side street, tucked away from the noisy, polluted traffic there is a special place: Home for the Golden Gays has been a refuge for the elderly and vulnerable gays of Manila since 1969.

Segun Mateo Short film (Spain, English subtitles) dir: Osama Chami and Enrique Gimeno / 19 mins UK Premiere

Mateo and his boyfriend, Marc, arrive home after a night out with Luke, a guy they've just met. After an argument, Mateo leaves the flat and bumps into Jon, a drug dealer they have called. Mateo convinces Jon to take him to his house where he discovers he can't feel anything if it's not through pain.

Lightrapping Short film (Spain, English subtitles) dir: Marcio Miranda Perez  / 22 mins Starring: Pedro Leão, Julio Machado, Tomás Decina

Gustavo is a photographer who captures the bodies of naked men in public spaces of Sao Paulo. One night, young Pedro follows him, curious and undecided about participating in the project or not. The city will witness the journey. Trailer:

The Marriage Short film (Spain, English subtitles) dir: Víctor Quintero and Sergio Rey / 26 mins UK Premiere

After a long-term relationship, Suso and Ricard are getting married. Both families are delighted with the prospect but Suso’s grandmother, completely unaware of wedding day celebrations will attend the dinner. Trailer:

Including a filmmakers Q&A  

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Friday 24 Nov 20176:15pm

ROH LIVE: The Nutcracker (2017) (12A)

Live ballet broadcast via satellite from the ROH

The young Clara creeps downstairs on Christmas Eve to play with her favourite present a Nutcracker doll. But the mysterious magician Drosselmeyer is waiting to sweep her off on a magical adventure. After defeating the Mouse King, the Nutcracker and Clara travel through the Land of Snow to the Kingdom of Sweets, where the Sugar Plum Fairy treats them to a wonderful display of dances. Back home, Clara thinks she must have been dreaming – but doesn’t she recognize Drosselmeyer’s nephew?

Peter Wright’s nigh-on definitive production for The Royal Ballet ranks as one of the most enduring and enchanting versions of The Nutcracker. With its festive period setting, dancing snowflakes and enchanting stage magic, Lev Ivanov’s 1892 ballet has become the perfect Christmas entertainment, with Tchaikovsky’s sumptuous, sugar-spun music the most recognizable of all ballet scores.

Loosely based on the story by E.T.A. Hoffmann, the ballet opens with a lively Christmas party, its Victorian setting captured in opulent detail by Julia Trevelyan Oman’s designs. Wright’s choreography ingeniously incorporates surviving fragments of the ballet’s original material, including the sublime pas de deux for the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Prince. But in emphasizing the relationship between Clara and the Nutcracker Prince, the production also gains a touching subtext of first love.

Choreography by Peter Wright and Lev Ivanov

Music by Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky

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Tuesday 5 Dec 20177:15pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

NT Live: Young Marx (12A)

Rory Kinnear (The Threepenny Opera, Penny Dreadful, Othello) is Marx and Oliver Chris (Twelfth Night, Green Wing) is Engels, in this new comedy written by Richard Bean and Clive Coleman. Broadcast live from The Bridge Theatre, London, the production  is directed by Nicholas Hytner and reunites the creative team behind Broadway and West End hit comedy One Man, Two Guvnors.

1850, and Europe’s most feared terrorist is hiding in Dean Street, Soho. Broke, restless and horny, the thirty-two-year-old revolutionary is a frothing combination of intellectual brilliance, invective, satiric wit, and child-like emotional illiteracy.

Creditors, spies, rival revolutionary factions and prospective seducers of his beautiful wife all circle like vultures. His writing blocked, his marriage dying, his friend Engels in despair at his wasted genius, his only hope is a job on the railway. But there’s still no one in the capital who can show you a better night on the piss than Karl Heinrich Marx.

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Thursday 7 Dec 20177:00pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

ROH LIVE: Rigoletto (12A)

Sung in Italian with English subtitles

The corruption of innocence is at the heart of Verdi’s potent tragedy in David McVicar’s production for The Royal Opera.

Rigoletto, court jester to the libertine Duke of Mantua, is cursed by the father of one of the Duke’s victims for his irreverent laughter. When the Duke seduces Rigoletto’s daughter Gilda, it seems the curse is taking effect...

David McVicar’s production highlights the cruelty at the heart of the court of Mantua. Richly dressed courtiers engage in orgies and revelries to Verdi’s heady, spirited dances. The opera’s many musical highlights include the ebullient ‘La donna è mobile’, in which the Duke boasts of his disregard for women; Gilda’s exquisite, plangent duets with Rigoletto and the Duke; and the gorgeous Act III quartet that beautifully weaves the voices together as the story quickens to its shattering conclusion.

Giuseppe Verdi wrote in 1855 that Rigoletto was his ‘best opera’. He had had to overcome state censorship to stage it the censors objected to its depiction of an immoral ruler but he was vindicated by the premiere’s huge success in 1851. Rigoletto was performed 250 times in the next 10 years and has remained one of the most popular of all operas.

Directed by David McVicar

Starring Dimitri Platanias, Lucy Crowe, Michael Fabiano

Conductor Alexander Joel

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Tuesday 16 Jan 20187:15pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

EOS: Cézanne Portraits of a Life

Exhibition on Screen Season 5.

EOS is thrilled to present one of the most talked about

exhibitions of the year. Dedicated to the portrait work of

Paul Cézanne, the exhibition opens in Paris before traveling

to London and Washington.

One can’t appreciate 20th century art without understanding

the significance and genius of Paul Cézanne. Featuring

interviews with curators and experts from the National Portrait

Gallery London, MoMA New York, National Gallery of Art Washington, and Musée d’Orsay Paris, and correspondence

from the artist himself, the film takes audiences beyond

the exhibition to the places Cézanne lived and worked and

sheds light on an artist who is perhaps the least known of

all the impressionists – until now.

Filmed in Paris, London, Washington and the south of


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Tuesday 23 Jan 20187:00pm

ROH LIVE: Tosca (12A)

Sung in Italian with English subtitles

Tosca is one of the great evenings of opera, and from its strident opening chords conjures up a world of political instability and menace.

Jonathan Kent’s production for The Royal Opera captures the dangerous political turbulence of Rome in 1800. The Chief of Police, Scarpia – one of the most malevolent villains in opera – ruthlessly pursues and tortures enemies of the state. His dark, demonic music contrasts with the expansive melodies of the idealistic lovers, Tosca and Cavaradossi, who express their passion in sublime arias, including ‘Vissi d’arte’ and ‘E lucevan le stelle’. Giacomo Puccini’s dramatic work was a hit with audiences on its 1900 premiere and it remains one of the most performed of all operas – with its gripping plot and glorious music, it’s easy to see why.

A candle-lit church, Scarpia’s gloomy study with its hidden torture chamber and the false optimism of a Roman dawn: this handsome production throws into relief the ruthlessly taut drama, as the tension is wound up towards a fateful conclusion. Puccini’s meticulously researched score is infused with the same authentic detail, from distant cannon fire during the Act I Te Deum to tolling church bells and the sounds of a firing squad.

Directed by Jonathan Kent

Starring Adrianne Pieczonka, Joseph Calleja, Gerald Finley

Conductor Dan Ettinger

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Wednesday 7 Feb 20187:15pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

ROH LIVE: The Winter's Tale (12A)

Live ballet broadcast via satellite from the ROH

Christopher Wheeldon, Artistic Associate of The Royal Ballet, created his adaptation of Shakespeare’s late great romance The Winter’s Tale for The Royal Ballet in 2014. Building on the success of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Winter’s Tale received ecstatic praise at its premiere, acclaimed by critics and audiences alike for its intelligent, distinctive and emotionally powerful story, told through exquisite dance. It is now widely judged to be a modern ballet classic.

The story follows the destruction of a marriage through consuming jealousy, the abandonment of a child and a seemingly hopeless love. Yet, through remorse and regret – and after a seemingly miraculous return to life – the ending is one of forgiveness and reconciliation. With powerful designs by Bob Crowley and atmospheric music by Joby Talbot, The Winter’s Tale is a masterful modern narrative ballet.

Choreography by Christopher Wheeldon

Music by Joby Talbot

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Wednesday 28 Feb 20187:15pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

ROH LIVE: Carmen (12A)

Sung in French with English subtitles

Carmen is the best-known work by French composer Georges Bizet, and one of the most famous operas in the entire art form – numbers such as the Habanera and the Toreador Song have permeated the popular consciousness as little else has. The opera’s heady combination of passion, sensuality and violence initially proved too much for the stage, and it was a critical failure on its 1875 premiere. Bizet died shortly after, and never learned of the spectacular success his Carmen would achieve: the opera has been performed more than five hundred times at Covent Garden alone.

This ever-popular opera is given a fresh point of view in Barrie Kosky’s highly physical production, originally created for Frankfurt Opera. The Australian director is one of the world’s most sought-after opera directors, whose Royal Opera debut with Shostakovich’s The Nose in 2016 was greeted with delight. For Carmen he has devised a far-from-traditional version, incorporating music written by Bizet for the score but not usually heard, and giving a new voice to the opera’s endlessly fascinating central character.

Directed by Barrie Kosky

Starring Anna Goryachova, Francesco Meli, Anett Fritsch

Condcutor Jakub Hruša

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Tuesday 6 Mar 20186:45pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

EOS: Vincent Van Gogh: A New Way of Seeing

Exhibition on Screen Season 5.

Perhaps more than any other artist, Van Gogh’s life has

long captured the imagination of storytellers. Delving deep

into his fascinating and sometimes deeply troubled world

comes this definitive, award-winning documentary directed

by David Bickerstaff.

Showcasing Van Gogh’s iconic works like never before and

featuring exclusive interviews with the curatorial team at the

Van Gogh Museum, this EXHIBITION ON SCREEN favourite

from Season 2 makes a welcome return to the big screen.

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Tuesday 20 Mar 20186:50pm

NT Live: Julius Caesar (12A)

Ben Whishaw (The Danish Girl, Skyfall, Hamlet) and Michelle Fairley (Fortitude, Game of Thrones) play Brutus and Cassius, David Calder (The Lost City of Z, The Hatton Garden Job) plays Caesar and David Morrissey (The Missing, Hangmen, The Walking Dead) is Mark Antony. Broadcast live from The Bridge Theatre, London.

Caesar returns in triumph to Rome and the people pour out of their homes to celebrate. Alarmed by the autocrat’s popularity, the educated élite conspire to bring him down. After his assassination, civil war erupts on the streets of the capital.

Nicholas Hytner’s production will thrust the audience into the street party that greets Caesar’s return, the congress that witnesses his murder, the rally that assembles for his funeral and the chaos that explodes in its wake.

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Thursday 22 Mar 20187:00pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

ROH Live: Bernstein Centenary (12A)

Live ballet broadcast via satellite from the ROH

The Royal Ballet celebrates the centenary of Leonard Bernstein's birth with an all-Bernstein programme from choreographers Wayne McGregor, Liam Scarlett and Christopher Wheeldon.

Leonard Bernstein was one of the first classical composers in America to achieve both popular and critical acclaim. He was eclectic in his sources – drawing on jazz and modernism, the traditions of Jewish music and the Broadway musical – and many of Bernstein’s scores are remarkably well suited to dance. He was particularly associated with Jerome Robbins, their credits together including Fancy Free and West Side Story. To celebrate the centenary year of the composer’s birth, The Royal Ballet has united all three of its associate choreographers to celebrate the dynamic range and danceability of Bernstein’s music.

The programme includes two world premieres by Resident Choreographer Wayne McGregor and Artistic Associate Christopher Wheeldon, marking each artist’s first foray into Bernstein. At the heart of the programme is the first revival of Artist in Residence Liam Scarlett’s The Age of Anxiety, created in 2014 to Bernstein’s soul-searching Second Symphony. Both symphony and ballet are inspired by W.H. Auden’s masterful modernist poem, itself written in response to the atmosphere of disillusionment and uncertainty that followed the end of World War II.

Choreography by Wayne McGregor, Liam Scarlett, Christopher Wheeldon

Music by Leonard Bernstein

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Tuesday 27 Mar 20187:15pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

ROH LIVE: Macbeth (12A)

Sung in Italian with English subtitles

Verdi’s life-long love affair with Shakespeare’s works began with Macbeth, a play he considered to be ‘one of the greatest creations of man’. With his librettist, Francesco Maria Piave, Verdi set out to create ‘something out of the ordinary’. Their success is borne out in every bar of a score that sees Verdi at his most theatrical: it bristles with demonic energy.

The warrior Macbeth fights on the side of the King of Scotland – but when a coven of witches prophesy that he shall become king himself, a ruthless ambition drives Macbeth and his wife to horrific acts.

Murder makes Macbeth king, and intrigue and butchery are the hallmarks of his brief, doomed reign. The witches make another prediction, which also comes true: Macbeth and his lady lose their lives, and justice is restored.

Phyllida Lloyd’s 2002 production for The Royal Opera is richly hued, shot through with black, red and gold. The witches – imagined by designer Anthony Ward as strange, scarlet-turbaned creatures – are ever-present agents of fate. Lloyd depicts the Macbeths’ childlessness as the dark sadness lurking behind their terrible deeds. The Royal Opera’s production uses Verdi’s 1865 Paris revision of the opera, which includes Lady Macbeth’s riveting aria ‘La luce langue’.

Directed by Phyllida Lloyd

Starring Anna Netrebko, Željko Lucic, Ildebrando D’Arcangelo

Conductor Antonio Pappano

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Wednesday 4 Apr 20187:15pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

ROH LIVE: Manon (12A)

Live ballet broadcast via satellite from the ROH

Manon’s brother Lescaut is offering her to the highest bidder when she meets Des Grieux and falls in love. They elope to Paris, but when Monsieur G.M. offers Manon a life of luxury as his mistress she can’t resist. With the Lescauts’ encouragement Des Grieux cheats at cards in an attempt to win Monsieur G.M.’s fortune. They are caught. Manon is arrested as a prostitute and deported to New Orleans, followed by Des Grieux. On the run, Manon dies from exhaustion.

Kenneth MacMillan’s source for Manon was the 18th-century French novel already adapted for opera by Massenet and Puccini. The premiere was given on 7 March 1974, with the lead roles danced by Antoinette Sibley and Anthony Dowell. The ballet quickly became a staple of The Royal Ballet’s repertory, and a touchstone of adult, dramatic dance.

MacMillan found new sympathy with the capricious Manon and her struggle to escape poverty. Designs by his regular collaborator Nicholas Georgiadis reflect this, depicting a world of lavish splendour polluted by miserable destitution. MacMillan’s spectacular ensemble scenes for the whole Company create vivid, complex portraits of the distinct societies of Paris and New Orleans. But it is Manon and Des Grieux’s impassioned pas de deux – recalling the intensity of MacMillan’s earlier Romeo and Juliet – that drive this tragic story, and make Manon one of MacMillan’s most powerful dramas.

Choreography by Kenneth MacMillan

Music by Jules Massenet

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Thursday 3 May 20187:15pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)

EOS: I, Claude Monet

Exhibition on Screen Season 5.

After premiering in Season 4 of EXHIBITION ON SCREEN,

I, Claude Monet is back by popular demand, revealing the

heart and soul of arguably the world’s most loved artist.

Told through Monet’s own words and shot on location at

the very spots he painted, the film features his most loved

paintings in an unforgettable, immersive art experience.

“A fresh new documentary that gives the artist a

chance to tell his own story” - Paint & Draw

“The effect is intense and intimate , pulling you

into the artist’s world and making it feel as though

you are walking alongside him in his small

triumphs and louder despairs… A rare insight" - The Observer

“Elegantly made and thoroughly informative…

Phil Grabsky is a master in the mini-genre of

gallery films”  - The Guardian

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Tuesday 22 May 20187:00pm

ROH LIVE: Swan lake (2018) (12A)

Live ballet broadcast via satellite from the ROH

Swan Lake has had a special role in the repertory of The Royal Ballet since 1934. This Season The Royal Ballet creates a new production with additional choreography by Artist in Residence Liam Scarlett. While remaining faithful to the Petipa-Ivanov text, Scarlett will bring fresh eyes to the staging of this classic ballet, in collaboration with his long-term designer John Macfarlane.

Prince Siegfried chances upon a flock of swans while out hunting. When one of the swans turns into a beautiful woman, Odette, he is enraptured. But she is under a spell that holds her captive, allowing her to regain her human form only at night.

Swan Lake was Tchaikovsky’s first ballet score. Given its status today as arguably the best loved and most admired of all classical ballets, it is perhaps surprising that at its premiere in 1877 Swan Lake was poorly received. It is thanks to the 1895 production by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov that Swan Lake has become part of not only ballet consciousness but also wider popular culture. That success is secured not only by the sublime, symphonic sweep of Tchaikovsky’s score, but also by the striking choreographic contrasts between Petipa’s royal palace scenes and the lyric lakeside scenes created by Ivanov.

Choreography by Liam Scarlett after Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov

Music by Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky

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Tuesday 12 Jun 20187:15pm (LIVE VIA SATELLITE)