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Muses of the Mediterranean: Marina Deligianni

Muses of the Mediterranean: Marina Deligianni

Marina Deligianni, voice

Giorgos Stamatis, guitar

Pavlos Carvalho, bouzouki, cello

Mary Linda and Manolis Hiotis were like "the royal couple of Greek music". They were like the left and right hand of one body and one can not speak one name without thinking of the other. Their her lyrical and expressive voice gave life to the beautiful melodies of Hiotis' music. Together they injected Greek music with hit after hit of songs, many of which were influenced by Latin rhythms and lighter world music which were very different from other composers of popular music. However, to associate her only as a muse of Manolis Hiotis and a singer of only lighter would be doing her a grave injustice. She was an artist and musician of the highest calibre in her own right and performed and recorded with great success the songs of other composers such as Zabetas, Hadjidakis and Theodorakis, including some classic interpretations of songs from his Epitaphios album. Tonight we will be performing a set that covers the broad range of this iconic singer.

A Personal Note.

Marina needs no introduction to London audiences. Over the last 6 years she has become one of the most well known and loved personalities of the Greek music scene and has brought with her the living, breathing Greek tradition of female voices. Her voice has been compared to great singers such as Glykeria but for us she stands alone and unique, needing no comparison. Her passion and intensity moves us, the musicians, and the audience in a way that few people can.

Marina Deligianni was born and raised in Greece. Studied contemporary singing and harmony at Ethniko Odeio Athinon and has been working professionally along side great Greek musicians over the last 15 years such Mario, Dimitris Livanos, Vaggelis Liolios, Kyriakos Gouventas, Solon Lekkas. She lives and works in London the last five years, she is the leading female singer of Plastikes Karekles and one of the co-founders of the Rebetiko Carnival festival and charity.

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Sunday 25 Nov 20186:30am (LIVE MUSIC) (Not Open for Sale)