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Belfast (12A)

A young, working-class boy must chart a path towards adulthood through a world that has suddenly turned upside down. His stable and loving community and everything he thought he understood about life is changed forever but joy, laughter, music and the formative magic of the movies remain.

Starring Caitríona Balfe, Judi Dench, Jamie Dornan, Ciarán Hinds, Colin Morgan and newcomer Jude Hill.

BELFAST is directed by Kenneth Branagh and is a film straight from his own personal experience during the tumultuous late 1960s in Belfast.

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Friday 21 Jan 202211:00am (BABES IN ARMS-BABY & CARER ONLY)3:15pm6:30pm8:45pm
Saturday 22 Jan 202212:45pm3:30pm6:30pm9:00pm
Sunday 23 Jan 20221:00pm3:00pm6:30pm8:30pm
Monday 24 Jan 202212:45pm3:15pm6:30pm8:45pm
Tuesday 25 Jan 202212:30pm (BABES IN ARMS-BABY & CARER ONLY)3:00pm6:30pm8:30pm
Wednesday 26 Jan 202212:45pm (SUBTITLED)3:15pm6:30pm8:45pm
Thursday 27 Jan 202212:30pm3:00pm6:30pm9:00pm

Licorice Pizza (15)

LICORICE PIZZA is the story of Alana Kane and Gary Valentine growing up, running around and falling in love in the San Fernando Valley, 1973.  Written and Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, the film tracks the treacherous navigation of first love.

Paul Thomas Anderson's sunniest movie yet, this San Fernando Valley palimpsest is so buoyant and bubbly, it practically floats off the screen.

Philip De Semlyen, Time Out

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Friday 21 Jan 202212:15pm5:45pm
Saturday 22 Jan 20223:15pm8:15pm
Sunday 23 Jan 20225:30pm
Monday 24 Jan 202212:30pm8:15pm
Tuesday 25 Jan 20225:30pm
Wednesday 26 Jan 20228:15pm
Thursday 27 Jan 20223:30pm

Boiling Point (15)

Filmed over two days, with each sequence shot in a single take, the film follows Andy Jones (Graham), a head chef at one of London's top restaurants as he rallies his team ahead of 'Magic Friday', the last before Christmas and the busiest night of the year.

Away from the kitchen, Andy is dealing with his own problems, from crippling debts to addiction struggles. But his imploding personal life is forced to take a backseat when the health and safety services unexpectedly show up for inspection, and a hard-to-please critic rocks up.

Directed by Philip Barantini

Starring Stephen Graham, Vinette Robinson, Alice Feetham, Hannah Walters, Ray Panthaki and Jason Flemyng.

"Probably the most stressful film since Uncut Gems." Flickering Myth

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Friday 21 Jan 20221:15pm9:00pm
Saturday 22 Jan 20226:00pm
Sunday 23 Jan 202212:45pm8:45pm
Monday 24 Jan 20226:00pm
Tuesday 25 Jan 202212:45pm8:45pm
Wednesday 26 Jan 20221:00pm6:00pm
Thursday 27 Jan 20225:20pm

Memoria (12A)

Ever since being startled by a loud 'bang' at daybreak, Jessica (Tilda Swinton) is unable to sleep. In Bogotá to visit her sister, she befriends Agnes (Jeanne Balibar), an archaeologist studying human remains discovered within a tunnel under construction. Jessica travels to see Agnes at the excavation site. In a small town nearby, she encounters a fish scaler, Hernan (Elkin Diaz). They share memories by the river. As the day comes to a close, Jessica is awakened to a sense of clarity.

"Rarely have a filmmaker and performer been so completely on the same page as Tilda Swinton and Apichatpong Weerasethakul are here." Brian Tallerico, RogerEbert

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Friday 21 Jan 20223:30pm
Saturday 22 Jan 202212:00pm
Sunday 23 Jan 20223:30pm
Monday 24 Jan 20223:30pm
Tuesday 25 Jan 20223:15pm
Wednesday 26 Jan 20223:30pm
Thursday 27 Jan 202212:15pm

Private Hire - 2 hour

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Saturday 22 Jan 202210:00am (Not Open for Sale)
Sunday 23 Jan 202210:00am (Not Open for Sale)
Saturday 29 Jan 202210:00am (Not Open for Sale)
Sunday 30 Jan 202210:00am (Not Open for Sale)
Saturday 5 Feb 202210:00am (Not Open for Sale)
Saturday 12 Feb 202210:00am (Not Open for Sale)
Sunday 20 Feb 202210:00am (Not Open for Sale)
Saturday 26 Feb 202210:00am (Not Open for Sale)
Sunday 27 Feb 202210:00am (Not Open for Sale)
Saturday 5 Mar 202210:00am (Not Open for Sale)
Saturday 26 Mar 202210:00am (Not Open for Sale)
Sunday 27 Mar 202210:00am (Not Open for Sale)

NT Live: Leopoldstadt (12A)

Regarded as 'Britain’s greatest living playwright’ (Times),Tony and Academy Award-winner Tom Stoppard’s critically acclaimed new play Leopoldstadt is a passionate drama of love, family and endurance.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Leopoldstadt was the old, crowded Jewish quarter of Vienna, Austria. But Hermann Merz, a factory owner and baptised Jew now married to Catholic Gretl, has moved up in the world.

We follow his family’s story across half a century passing through the convulsions of war, revolution, impoverishment, annexation by Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. A company of 40 actors represent each generation of the family in this epic, but intimate play.

Filmed live on stage in London’s West End, ‘Tom Stoppard’s masterpiece is magnificent’ (Independent) and should not be missed.

Please note: The running time of Leopoldstadt is 140 minutes with no interval. This will not be a live broadcast, but was filmed in front of a live audience.

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Thursday 27 Jan 20227:45pm (RECORDED BEFORE LIVE AUDIENCE)
Thursday 10 Feb 20228:00pm (RECORDED BEFORE LIVE AUDIENCE)
Sunday 27 Feb 20223:00pm (RECORDED BEFORE LIVE AUDIENCE)

Parallel Mothers (15)

Two women, Janis and Ana, coincide in a hospital room where they are going to give birth. Both are single and became pregnant by accident. Janis, middle-aged, doesn't regret it and she is exultant. The other, Ana, an adolescent, is scared, repentant and traumatised. Janis tries to encourage her while they move like sleepwalkers along the hospital corridors. The few words they exchange in these hours will create a very close link between the two, which by chance develops and complicates, and changes their lives in a decisive way.

Directed by Pedro Almodóvar and starring Penelope Cruz, Janisas Janis, Rossy de Palma, Elenaas Elena, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Teresaas Teresa, Milena Smit, Anaas Ana and Daniela Santiago

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Friday 28 Jan 202212:00pm (Not Open for Sale)


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Thursday 3 Feb 20227:40pm (Not Open for Sale)

Dagmarr's Kabarett: Vamps of Weimar (12A)

Dagmarr’s Kabarett:Vamps of Weimar is the new show from singer/performer extraordinaire Hersh Dagmarr and pianist Karen Newby. A night of classic songs in the style of Weimar-Berlin kabarett and a musical celebration of the femme (and homme) fatale archetype as depicted in popular kultur. With songs from Kurt Weill, Edith Piaf, Mischa Spoliansky, Frederich Hollaender, Marlene Dietrich and many more…

‘’Dagmarr evokes an unfettered and elegant decadence unfelt since Moulin Rouge” - Matt Katz-Bohen, Blondie, Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum

“The stellar Dagmarr’s Kabarett; A French singer and a British classic pianist giving us pure cabaret to sing us into the night” - Patrick Cash, QX Magazine

“Hersh Dagmarr is a fabulous artist and an a great singer! Check him out!”  -  Mark Moore, S’Express

"So much drama you won’t believe it’s not a drag queen show!" -  Ethan Mechare, “Where Are You Now?”


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Thursday 3 Feb 20228:30pm (LIVE ON STAGE)

The Souvenir Part II (15)

In the aftermath of her tumultuous relationship with a charismatic but manipulative older man, Julie begins to untangle her fraught love for him by making her graduation film and sorting fact from his elaborately constructed fiction.

Directed by Joanna Hogg.

Starring Honor Swinton Byrne, Tilda Swinton, James Spencer Ashworth and Alice McMillan.

"Joanna Hogg has given us an amazingly luminous self-portrait of the film-maker as a young woman: metatextual, confessional and autobiographical." Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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Friday 4 Feb 202212:00pm (Not Open for Sale)


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Wednesday 9 Feb 20227:25pm (Not Open for Sale)

Power To Change (12A)

Power to Change follows the lives of ordinary Londoners, set against the backdrop of loss and violence. Their journeys intertwine as they learn how to move beyond the past with inner strength, circumspection and wisdom.

In a time where youth violence is on the rise across the country, and with the poverty gap only increasing, this is a unique film that looks at the simplest solution: the innate goodness of a human being, who will make the right choices given the encouragement and tools to do so. Sometimes all it takes is one person, one act, one choice, to change the trajectory of a lifetime.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with local Director Wendy Lewis, and some of the people who feature in the film.

Please note: Prompt start as no ads or trailers.

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Wednesday 9 Feb 20228:30pm (+ LIVE DIRECTOR Q&A)

Flee (TBC)

FLEE tells the story of Amin Nawabi as he grapples with a painful secret he has kept hidden for 20 years, one that threatens to derail the life he has built for himself and his soon to be husband. Recounted mostly through animation to director Jonas Poher Rasmussen, he tells for the first time the story of his extraordinary journey as a child refugee from Afghanistan.

"Flee is a remarkably humanising and complex film, expanding and expounding the kind of story that's too easily simplified." Benjamin Lee, The Guardian

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Friday 11 Feb 202212:00pm (Not Open for Sale)

Paris, 13th District (TBC)

Set in the French capital’s 13th arrondissement, on the left bank of the Seine, Audiard’s film charts the interwoven relationships between four twenty-somethings, played by Lucie Zhang, Makita Samba, Savages lead singer Jehnny Beth and Noémie Merlant, who played the artist in Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

Capturing a very different Paris to the one that appeared in his previous films, which were dominated by the city’s underworld, Paris, 13th District is a modern story of love and life, reflecting the shifting attitudes towards identity and fidelity.

"A silky, soulful black-and-white tapestry of single millennials seeking connection." Variety

Directed By




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Friday 11 Feb 20223:00pm (Not Open for Sale)

NT Live: The Book Of Dust - La Belle Sauvage (12A)

Set twelve years before the epic His Dark Materials trilogy, NT Live: The Book of Dust – La Belle Sauvage is a gripping adaptation that revisits Philip Pullman’s fantastical world – where waters are rising and storms are brewing.

Two young people and their dæmons, with everything at stake, find themselves at the centre of a terrifying manhunt. In their care is a tiny child called Lyra Belacqua, and in that child lies the fate of the future. And as the waters rise around them, powerful adversaries conspire for mastery of Dust: salvation to some, the source of infinite corruption to others.

Eighteen years after his ground breaking production of His Dark Materials at the National Theatre, director Nicholas Hytner returns to Pullman’s parallel universe. This performance of NT Live: The Book of Dust – La Belle Sauvage will be broadcast live from London’s Bridge Theatre.

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Thursday 17 Feb 20227:00pm (LIVE SCREENING)

The Real Charlie Chaplin (TBC)

Groundbreaking, controversial, outspoken and visionary. For decades he was the most famous man in the world – but who was the real Charlie Chaplin? Drawn from a remarkable archive of newly unearthed material, THE REAL CHARLIE CHAPLIN is a revealing and poignant portrait of Hollywood’s most iconic figure.

"Chaplin was a charmer and a scoundrel, a sweetheart and a monster, not to mention a celebrity of scandalous appetites. All of that is covered, quite ingeniously, in "The Real Charlie Chaplin." Owen Gleiberman, Variety

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Friday 18 Feb 202212:00pm (Not Open for Sale)

The Duke (12A)

In 1961, Kempton Bunton, (Jim Broadbent) a 60-year old taxi driver, stole Goya's portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London. It was the first (and remains the only) theft in the Gallery's history.

Kempton sent ransom notes saying that he would return the painting on condition that the government invested more in care for the elderly -- he had long campaigned for pensioners to receive free television. What happened next became the stuff of legend!

Only 50 years later did the full story emerge -- Kempton had spun a web of lies. The only truth was that he was a good man, determined to change the world and save his marriage -- how and why he used the Duke to achieve that is a wonderfully uplifting tale.

"Britain hasn't lost the ability to make films like this after all. We've had it stashed in the back of the wardrobe all along." Robbie Collin

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Friday 25 Feb 202212:00pm (Not Open for Sale)

Ali & Ava (15)

Both lonely for different reasons, Ali (Adeel Akhtar) and Ava (Claire Rushbrook) meet through their shared affection for Sofia, the child of Ali's Slovakian tenants, whom Ava teaches. Ali finds comfort in Ava's warmth and kindness and Ava finds Ali's complexity and humour irresistible. Over a lunar month, sparks fly and a deep connection begins to grow. However, the legacy of Ava's past relationship and Ali's emotional turmoil at the breakdown of his marriage begins to overshadow their newfound passion.​

Enveloped in music, humour and emotion, ALI & AVA is a heartfelt contemporary love story written and directed by BAFTA-nominated Clio Barnard (The Arbor, The Selfish Giant).

"It's a tender and, eventually, joyful film, powered by two extraordinarily lived-in performances from Akhtar and Rushbrook." David Jenkins, Little White Lies

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Friday 4 Mar 202210:00am (Not Open for Sale)

Great Freedom (TBC)

In post-war Germany, liberation by the Allies does not mean freedom for everyone. Hans is imprisoned again and again under Paragraph 175, a law criminalizing homosexuality. Over the course of decades, he develops an unlikely yet tender bond with his cellmate Viktor, a convicted murderer. What starts as revulsion grows into something called love.

Directed by Sebastian Meise and starring Franz Rogowski and Georg Friedrich

"Meise's film is an exquisite marriage of personal, political and sensual storytelling, its narrative and temporal drift tightened by another performance of quietly piercing vulnerability from Franz Rogowski." Guy Lodge, Variety

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Friday 4 Mar 202212:00pm (Not Open for Sale)

The Worst Person In The World (TBC)

The Worst Person in the World is a modern dramedy about the quest for love and meaning in contemporary Oslo. It chronicles four years in the life of Julie (Renate Reinsve), a young woman who navigates the troubled waters of her love life and struggles to find her career path, leading her to take a realistic look at who she really is.

Directed by Joachim Trier

"Joachim Trier's fifth feature is a sweet, sad, extremely funny character study that gets to the heart of how it feels to be on the cusp of true adulthood and completely ambivalent about it." Hannah Strong, Little White Lies

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Friday 25 Mar 202210:00am (Not Open for Sale)